The Pines at Davidson Director of Culinary & Dining Services
Director of Culinary & Dining Services
The Pines at Davidson
Davidson, NC

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Located on 140 acres in the charming college town of Davidson, North Carolina (just minutes from Lake Norman), The Pines at Davidson is searching for a Director of Culinary & Dining Services (DCDS) to lead dining and culinary operations for this beautiful and expanding continuing care retirement community. The Pines at Davidson is truly focused on exceeding residents’ expectations and providing employees with stability and quality of life.

The DCDS at The Pines at Davidson is a highly visible and engaged leader and is responsible for all aspects of the Culinary and Dining Services department. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a professional and diverse team and contribute to the branding and roll-out of new and innovative dining concepts.

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In July 1988, The Pines at Davidson (The Pines) opened its doors and has focused on meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of their residents. The Pines began as an idea in the hearts and minds of residents who were members of Davidson College Presbyterian Church; a vibrant community of active individuals who enjoy an independent lifestyle of social and recreational activities.

People love living in Davidson and the surrounding communities. Beautiful shops, unique restaurants, friendly people and many opportunities offered by Davidson College make this a desirable community in which to live. But until 1988, residents had to leave the area if they wanted to live in a retirement community. A partnership of volunteers, friends and members of Davidson College Presbyterian Church and Davidson College created this vibrant senior living campus in their college community.

The Pines has an active Community Center which houses the main dining room, café, private dining room, and beverage lounge, as well as a multi-purpose room, library, arts and crafts room, media and game room, branch bank, woodworking shop, and barber and beauty shop.

The Apartment Building, Cottages and Villas include 250 independent living accommodations, various residential lounges, billiard room, computer room, laundry rooms and resident storage areas.

The Schramm Health Center is comprised of the Workman Wellness Center and assisted living and nursing accommodations (30 and 51 beds, respectively, prior to the expansion). A new two-story addition to the nursing unit in the Health Center will open next fall.


Davidson, North Carolina is a small college town that is located 20 miles north of Charlotte. Davidson is home to Davidson College as well as a quaint downtown main street with shops, restaurants, and an active town green (used for concerts and festivals).

Located just minutes from Davidson is beautiful Lake Norman – the largest man-made lake in North Carolina with 520 miles of shoreline. The lake offers water sports and activities, lakeside dining and nature excursions.

To provide high quality housing, healthcare and other services that exceed residents' expectations.

  • Extraordinary level of service to residents.
  • Exemplary stewardship of financial and physical assets.
  • Kindness, compassion, respectfulness.
  • Honesty, integrity, transparency.
  • Balanced consideration of the needs of all constituents.
  • Stability, security, safety.
  • Lifelong personal learning and growth.
  • Delighted residents who are The Pines’ best ambassadors.
  • High quality health care and other services.
  • A caring, talented and loyal staff.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Strong community relations with Davidson College and the local communities.
  • An innovative culture and a spirit of inquiry that ensures success into the future.
  • Highly effective board governance.
  • Financial strength, enabling financial security and comfort for residents while attracting and retaining high performing staff.

The Pines provides residents with a variety of dining venues and menu choices. Independent living residents can dine at in the formal dining room (enjoying either waited table service, buffet or a combination of both). For more casual fare, residents dine in the Café and residents can also order to go meals or have their meal delivered to their residence.

Currently, The Pines offers 240 different entrees in two seasonal five-week menu cycles accenting the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons – plus a generous selection of items available daily. Rotating events include pasta stations, bountiful brunches and cuisines inspired by Argentina, the south of France and other international locales.

Dishes are prepared with health consciousness, freshness and quality in mind. Recipes are designed to take advantage of the latest medical studies including foods that may prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Exciting new dining offerings await residents once the current construction/expansion efforts are completed. These include a market-place styled café where fresh food is ordered and prepared to residents' specifications from a variety of popular stations, such as an open hearth oven, Asian wok, chef's exhibition station, char grille, rotisserie oven, hand-crafted salad bar, and in-house bakery and desserts; a pub offering light meals and adult beverages; and a coffee and ice cream kiosk for snacks and prepared items that can be purchased to “grab and go.”

To make these dining changes possible, the existing Davidson Room will be repurposed for dining use and a large replacement gathering room will be added at the back of the Jetton Community Center. The new Davidson Room will be equipped with partitions enabling concurrent events to be held when demand is high. The new Davidson Room will include a multi-purpose space on the lower level. By creating flexible space, The Pines will be able to meet the diverse preferences of active residents while maintaining the intimate feel of the community.

Dining at the new Health Center for assisted living and skilled nursing residents will include a common kitchen, dining and community space for each of four neighborhoods. The updated neighborhood design will enable residents to benefit from a smaller, more intimate sense of community, enhancing their quality of life by encouraging more activity and greater engagement.
  • 395 residents (320 Independent Living and 75 Health Center residents); current expansion project will add 100 residents (76 independent living and 24 Health Center residents)
  • $3.2M F&B expense budget
  • 44 FTE’s F&B employees (25 FT, 65 PT); current expansion project will add 13 additional FTE’s to the Culinary and Dining Services department
  • 2 dining rooms (waited table service dining and café); current expansion project will add three new dining venues: the Marketplace (will replace the Café), the Pub and an ice cream/coffee kiosk

The DCDS reports to the vice president and director of financial services. After the expansion, the DCDS will lead the team using five direct reports: the administrative assistant, executive chef, registered dietitian, dietary manager, and F&B manager.



The Director of Culinary & Dining Services (DCDS) is responsible for all food-related services and experiences, including the main dining room, café, Health Center neighborhood dining, and catering throughout, to ensure that all services exceed resident and guest expectations. His or her goal is always to focus on the dining experience to help residents and guests enjoy the dining facilities and events at The Pines.

The DCDS will spearhead the launch of the new dining venues upon completion of the expansion and renovation projects scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2020.

The DCDS will ensure the goals of both the food and beverage department and overall corporate goals at The Pines are being met through proactive leadership, hands-on involvement and full‐scope management.

The DCDS is responsible for the leadership, direction, supervision and evaluation of the full Culinary & Dining Services team. The DCDS also oversees training (including the effective waiter training program and all new employee orientation and onboard training), development and administration of work schedules for the both the culinary and dining services staff.

The DCDS ensures adherence to all sanitation and food handling procedures and regulations as well as adherence to all infection control policies and procedures. Additionally, the DCDS ensures sanitation training and certification is complete for all appropriate staff.

The DCDS ensures adherence to The Pines’ and regulatory authority safety policies and procedures. In addition, the DCDS documents and investigates all work-related injuries and obtains treatment for the injured employee in accordance with The Pines’ policies. Accident prevention is a major focus at The Pines and the DCDS ensures all safety precautions and training are in place.

The DCDS establishes clear, concise, written service and quality standards and policies, and requires and ensures compliance by the culinary and dining services staff. He or she obtains advance approval of such standards and policies by Administration. Such standards and policies shall include strict and error-free compliance with the special dietary requirements of Health Care residents, ticket time and meal delivery standards, uniform and dress code standards, employee meal policies, and food handling and preparation standards and policies, and employee work hour standards and policies. The DCDS ensures that The Pines continues to maintain a Health Department rating of 95% or higher and a Dining Management Resources rating of 90% or higher.

The DCDS creates and manages the department’s operating and capital budget; while working closely with the F&B manager and executive chef; and receives budget approval from the vice president and director of financial services.
The DCDS operates the department in a cost-effective and financially sound manner by managing staff scheduling, proper inventory control, minimizing breakage and theft, aggressively comparing food contracts and pricing, etc. He or she operates within the approved operating and capital budgets except as authorized otherwise in advance by Administration.

The DCDS participates in all interviews and hiring decisions, as well as all disciplinary action for the department. He or she develops and administers training programs for all department employees, maintains up-to-date job descriptions, conducts periodic reviews and evaluations, maintains high employee morale and engagement, takes steps to minimize employee turnover, and addresses interpersonal conflicts in a timely manner. Additionally, the DCDS implements and administers a Spot Bonus program to reward high performers.

The DCDS demonstrates excellent leadership skills and is a visionary thinker as well as being detail oriented. Paying attention to all the details that contribute to overall success is a crucial attribute and a necessary intuitive style for this position. He or she embraces The Pines’ strategic planning documents, and the policies set forth in the employee handbook, and ensures that they are executed and embodied every day by all employees in the department.

The DCDS is adept at developing high performing teams and promotes synergy and collaboration between the front-of-the-house and back-of-the- house staff as well as with employees in other departments. The employees at The Pines work together to ensure that the highest quality of care, hospitality and service are provided to residents.

The DCDS continually works to maintain delighted residents including, but not limited to, delight in the areas of food quality, service and menu selections. He or she continuously seeks ways to improve processes and develop efficiencies to exceed resident expectations and improve the wellbeing and satisfaction of residents and employees. Continually working to improve service, food quality, menus and the overall dining experience offered in all dining venues is critical.

The DCDS ensures menu variety and creativity throughout all dining venues including maintaining two five-week menu cycle rotations and updating them on a regular basis. Menus are overhauled every 18 months at the least.

The DCDS is an effective communicator and maintains frequent communications with employees including a daily managers’ meeting, daily production and utility staff meetings, twice-daily meeting with service staff, and a daily meeting with dietary aide staff. In addition, he or she holds weekly department staff meetings and at least monthly meetings with the entire department. Meetings are educational, collaborative, clear and concise.

The DCDS is “the face” of dining operations and maintains effective communications with residents by being present in the dining rooms during peak meal times to observe service and elicit resident feedback, walking throughout the front and back of the house to inspect what he or she expects, and meeting regularly with the Resident’s Association Food Service Committee. The DCDS also encourages residents to complete evaluation cards and the DCDS analyzes responses and provides responsive follow up to correct issues and follow up on inquiries.

The DCDS stays current in his or her professional field of expertise by completing continuing education necessary to maintain credentials and stay current on F&B and continuing care lifestyle trends. He or she motivates, encourages and rewards the staff to do the same.

The DCDS develops and communicates a mission and vision for the department to employees and residents that are consistent with The Pines’ Strategic Plan.

  • Achieve The Pines' goals and measurable objectives in a manner that embodies The Pines' core values.
  • Prepare for and implement the transition of Culinary and Dining Services to the new dining venues in independent living, assisted living and nursing.
  • Fill open positions, if any.
  • Focus on ensuring consistency and the highest quality resident experience in dining and culinary operations.
  • Learn residents’ names and dining preferences. Understand the residents’ needs in order to meet their requirements and understand what matters most to them.
  • Evaluate and continue to develop, train and mentor the food and beverage manager, executive chef and entire F&B staff, while promoting fairness and consistency within.
  • Evaluate and set appropriate and necessary standards of operation, execution and delivery within the F&B operations; taking ownership for the entire experience.

The successful candidate:
  • Is a passionate leader with strong food and beverage credentials and a proven track record of providing premier -level hospitality services, with a personality that fits the professional, caring, family culture at The Pines.
  • Is a proven food and beverage leader who can manage his or her time and establish priorities, to which he or she is accountable to execute. Responsiveness and organization are key components to this position.
  • Has a verifiable track record of successfully leading and growing a dynamic food and beverage program including controlling costs, and meeting or exceeding planned and budgeted bottom line goals and objectives.
  • Is successful in finding solutions with all sides in mind while achieving established goals and objectives.
  • Has an in-depth knowledge of multi-dimensional à la carte dining services and culinary operations, training, and service standards and processes.
  • Is a highly motivated individual who is confident in his or her abilities and yet humble in personality; a person who credits his or her staff for achievements made as well as take responsibility and corrective action when standards are not met.
  • Has a positive attitude and is professional in nature with a high degree of integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • Is open to and can handle feedback with professionalism, empathy and responsiveness.
  • Is resilient and can deal with high pressure situations with tact and grace.
  • Exhibits a continuous desire to improve him or herself and has a track record of developing strong and upwardly successful associates and direct reports.
  • Is a confident, proactive team builder who has a history of attracting, developing, and retaining high performing staff.
  • Has an intuitive style resulting in a sincere and visibly engaged presence with residents, guests, and staff; he or she is a truly engaging “people person.”
  • Has a fundamental understanding of what constitutes a “premier experience” and the proven ability to execute to that level.
  • Is familiar with the regulatory requirements associated with providing food services.

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is required for this position. In addition, successful candidates:
  • Have a professional career track of successful food and beverage leadership and stability with experience in a high volume, highly respected properties including clubs, resorts or hotels.
  • Have proven leadership qualities with the demonstrated ability to direct, coordinate and manage all facets of operations.
  • Must have strong computer skills, including extensive use of Microsoft Office programs and Point-of-Sale (POS) technology.
  • Possess financial acumen to understand financials and create and manage budgets.
  • An overriding sense of quality consciousness that pervades every part of the operation. This includes a high quality, courteous and efficient staff.
  • Sound and current knowledge of human resources practices, including wage and hour laws, employment and discharge, equal opportunity employment, OSHA and the full range of employee benefits.
  • Have strong verbal and written communications skills. He or she must be comfortable speaking in front of a wide variety of groups including staff, residents and administration. Communication with residents, guests, and visibility are highly important attributes of the incoming Director of Culinary & Dining Services.

Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience and will be near the top among NC Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) and competitive with local companies. The Pines offers an excellent benefit package including vacation, holidays and sick days, medical insurance (Pines pays about 90% of cost of employee-only coverage), a defined contribution retirement plan offering employer and voluntary employee contributions, short and long-term disability, life and AD&D insurance, voluntary dental and supplemental life insurance is also available.

If you have any questions, please email Holly Weiss:


Lisa Carroll, Search Executive
561-596-1123 – Jupiter, FL

Sam Lindsley, Search Executive
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