Glen Oaks Club General Manager/COO
Glen Oaks Club
Old Westbury, NY

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                                                              OLD WESTBURY, NY

Glen Oaks Club is the premier club on Long Island and in the greater metropolitan tri-state area and this is a tremendous opportunity for a new leader to provide innovation, energy and strategic vision to an already exceptionally performing club!  Glen Oaks has a history of stability and continuity in nearly every department and governance but recognizes that to continue to hold its pre-eminent position, it needs a highly motivated, proactive, “servant hearted” leader who is a true “partner” with the Board.

Glen Oaks is known for providing its members an exceptional and personalized experience; the new GM/COO will be expected to epitomize and continue to elevate this reality, being exceptionally focused on the details to support such outcomes while continuing to add innovative and creative new programs, amenities and services.  Members and staff truly care about one another and that sincere approach and intuitive style is a key and critical expectation of the new GM/COO.

This will be one of the most sought after and is one of the most desirable roles in the metropolitan New York area to come open in many years!

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For nearly 100 years the Glen Oaks Club has been evolving to maintain its stature as a “home away from home” for their member families.  Since the early 1970’s Glen Oaks has called its current location home and have continually evolved to accommodate the needs of their membership and maintaining the outstanding reputation which it deserves as being “a cut above the rest.”

The Club provides members and guests with a memorable 27-holes of golf originally designed by Joe Finger, and recently renovated and redesigned by Joel Weiman of the McDonald Design Group, and has played host to the “2017 PGA Tour FedEx Cup Playoffs Northern Trust Tournament” won by Dustin Johnson, as well as many local MET area events.  The course is known to be one of the most well-conditioned in the area and is prized by members and guests.

The clubhouse provides nearly 150,000 sq. ft. of space for members and their guests to enjoy, with multiple indoor and outdoor dining spaces, lounges and gathering areas.  Known for its exceptional culinary program, Glen Oaks appropriately prides itself on the breadth and depth of its food and beverage offerings, its special events, private parties, outings and the active support its members show in large participation numbers.  Recent clubhouse renovations provide the membership with a updated dining experience and an updated atrium and outdoor covered veranda, as well as renovated mixed grill areas and men’s sports bar.  The Club also has two card rooms for active play; the women’s’ seating upwards of 100 and the men’s approximately 40.

Upstairs in the clubhouse are 24 rented guest rooms for members, typically for longer term stays (as opposed to a hotel-like operation), along with offices and staff quarters.  The Club has two other seasonal staff accommodations including a dorm near the clubhouse that houses approximately 30 employees and a home near the turf maintenance facility in which a number of golf and maintenance employees reside.

Other amenities at Glen Oaks include a large pool next to the clubhouse with an active upscale Snack Bar.  The active racquets program includes 7 Har-Tru courts.
  • Approximately 700 members in all categories
  • Dues are approximately $16,750 for the oldest Junior category to $27,075 for full Regular members
  • Initiation fees for a Regular member are $100,000
  • Gross revenues for 2019 were just short of $19.0M
  • Food and beverage revenues in 2019 were just short of $4.0M
  • Overall payroll and benefits expenses for 2019 were approximately $9.5M
  • Glen Oaks employs approximately 245 staff in-season and approximately 100 in the off season
  • The Club’s Board is comprised of 17 members each serving six years and may be elected for additional terms.  The President is in office for three years. 
  • Glen Oaks Club is a 501(c)(7), not for profit, tax exempt corporation
  • The Club has an $1,800 annual food minimum charge and a $200 per month capital charge.
  • The JONAS system is used for POS and club accounting.
  • There are a number of active committees including:  Executive, Admissions, Budget & Finance, Building, Card Room, Golf, Golf Cart, Green, House/Entertainment, Insurance, Law, Long Range Planning, Parking, Past Presidents, Philanthropic, Pool, Residence, Tennis and Safety, Women’s Activities and Young Membership Committee.

The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (GM/COO) assumes all operational leadership responsibilities of the Glen Oaks Club and functions as a key thought partner and executive with the Club’s Board of Governors and Committees.  The GM/COO at GOC has responsibility for all day-to-day operations and departments of the Club.  He/She directs and administers all aspects of the operations---the amenities, project development, staff and all programs and activities, food/beverage operations, and activities and programs to ensure consistent, outstanding service delivery to the membership and their guests.  At Glen Oaks, this position is one that requires exceptional diplomatic graciousness and charisma along with a high degree of visibility and a strong, personalized service perspective and servant’s heart, a personification that is critical for all team members to emulate.  Critical to the new GM/COO’s success is the intuitive sense to be “present,” and to sincerely engage with every generation of family member and their guests, being highly approachable and appropriately interactive. 

The ideal candidate has a great degree of “polish,” an intuitive “gravitas” about himself/herself and recognizes the need to be fully engaged and fully committed to the Club in the especially busy summer and shoulder season months.  Additionally, he/she must be naturally discreet and appropriate, both inside and outside of the Club, but also recognize the importance to be involved in the community as a representative of Glen Oaks, which is helpful to drive events and membership.

The GM/COO is responsible for the creation, implementation and consistent maintenance of all service standards and processes while providing vibrant, innovative, relevant, energized and respectful leadership for key managers and staff.

Clearly, a primary objective is for the GM/COO to be the highly visible and interactive face of the Club, and to ensure that goals, objectives and accountabilities are defined, understood, evaluated and enhanced on a continuous basis.  The GM/COO will be responsible for ensuring top level products and services are delivered but maintaining fiscal responsibility and adhering to agreed upon budgets.  Creating and implementing a stronger Performance Management System of goals, priorities and accountability is desired.

The GM/COO must be a proactive part of the process of strategic planning, talent acquisition and retention, membership orientation, and membership activities/services programming, ensuring that each of these areas of focus consider current and future membership demographics.  Additionally, he/she must recognize that all amenities at GOC need to be commensurate with the majority of members’ expectations, and that his/her primary mission is to determine and ensure quality levels are provided.

The new GM/COO will recognize that golf and food and beverage operations are the primary ‘drivers’ of the Club, but that other amenities, family activities and events and personalized services are all integral parts of the amenities package of GOC and, as such, need to be commensurate with member expectations, constantly evaluated for relevance and on a continuous evolution to further excellence. 

A key requirement is to be able to work proactively with the Board and Club Committees, as appropriate, to keep them focused on key goals and objectives that benefit the long-term well-being of GOC, and to ensure that significant capital projects are successfully executed, keeping all important constituencies well informed throughout.  The Club is looking for the GM/COO to be proactive in identifying, researching, recommending and supporting key strategic objectives and capital projects, recognizing that it is his/her responsibility to be an active thought partner with the Board on such matters.

As with most innovative, high performance clubs, the need to continually improve existing member services and introduce new programs and activities to enhance member satisfaction and the overall value of membership at GOC is a critical success factor, and much of this has historically been driven by exceptionally well-done events and functions.  The GM/COO must have a natural interest in being involved in the planning and execution of such events, working closely with a strong group of Senior Staff to ensure that the details of success and expectation are consistently covered.  Having clear passion for the role, Glen Oaks Club and its membership, the area and the team’s success is critical.

With the expectation that the new GM/COO will commence his/her role in late 2020/early 2021, the following priorities have been identified as primary focus:
  • Meet and sincerely interact with and engage as many members as possible, “be present!”  Build trust whenever and wherever possible, schedule interactive times and follow up on details.  “Be involved and in charge!”  Learn the members, the team and the processes and understand what and why before initiating changes.  OBSERVE AND EVALUATE FIRST.
  • DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS.  Become intimately familiar with Board and Member expectations on service levels and ensure they are clearly understood by the staff and that accountabilities, training and proactive evaluation of consistency and results is in place.
  • Spend time with the team, especially senior staff in all areas of operations, getting to know them, evaluating their abilities, and aspirations, ensuring that they and their respective teams have clear expectations and accountabilities in place.  Understand, but further positively challenge any ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ perspectives where you see opportunity to enhance or improve outcomes.
  • Create, gain “buy in” and execute a performance management system focusing on departmental leaders and their accountabilities and priorities, in conjunction with focus and creation of a strategic plan with the Board and appropriate Committees.  Included in this system is your own matrix of goals and responsibilities/accountabilities along with a plan as to how and when you will keep the Board informed of progress and outcomes.
  • Develop a report to provide the Board with a thoughtful “State of the Club” analysis following ninety (90) days of overview and insight.  This document will be part of the ‘roadmap’ to success, staff, plan, budget and other tactics and strategies for short and longer-term goals and should clearly spell out recommendations and opportunities to ensure “exceptional” delivery of a highly consistent member experience in all areas.  As part of this effort, ensure and a highly interactive communication and coordination effort is in place to keep all Senior Staff informed and highly collaborative.
  • Become intimately familiar with the Club’s staff recruitment, training and retention efforts, especially focusing on the H2B and J1 recruitment and your understanding its success.
  • Ensure the significant capital projects currently in the planning process are on track, adding your own insights and perspectives relative to viability and successful outcomes.  Involvement and leadership on a strategic level is a critical success factor and priority.
  • A minimum of 7 - 10 years of verifiable, progressive leadership and management experience in an active, private member-owned club or luxury hospitality and service focused environment.  NOTE:  While having strong preference for those who have experience in the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer role, those current Assistant General Managers or similarly titled leaders at well-recognized clubs or luxury resorts/hotels, with verifiable records of achievement, may be considered for this role.  Experience and success working in a predominately Jewish membership club is of great interest as well, as would be international luxury experiences.
  • Strong general management and leadership skills with verifiable strengths in team development, recruitment and training, financial planning, systems and analysis, diverse recreational amenity management, exceptional quality food and beverage programming, exceptional member/guest service programming, strategic planning, and project management is required.
  • Exceptionally strong communication and facilitation skills, both in writing and verbally, along with the appropriate personal presence, desire and ability to interact effectively before diverse constituencies of members, staff, vendors and other people who are part of the success of GOC.
  • A “strong network” of industry professionals in order to assist the Board and Committees with “visioning” the Club’s future needs based on trends, demographics, etc.
  • An exposure and responsibility to oversee and lead a high-quality operation in his/her previous positions---amenities, service, history and traditions and overall club ambience.  It is critical that the GM/COO embodies the level of quality and consistency that is commensurate with expectations at GOC.
  • Has a verifiable record of fiscal responsibility and is able to educate and support his/her key managers to be able work within approved budget parameters.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year university or college is desirable, ideally in Hospitality Management.
  • A CCM designation or similar accreditation outside of the club industry is desirable.
  • Active within the Club Managers Association of America and supportive of other Senior Staff and their involvement in professional association and staff development.  On-going professional development is important to GOC; demonstrating such efforts and interests on your own behalf over time is critical.
An appropriate salary, commensurate with qualifications and experience for the desired GOC experience, will be offered.  The Club offers an excellent performance bonus and benefit package, along with the typical CMAA and other professional benefits.

Please upload your resume and cover letter, in that order, using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 

Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment with the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary.  Your letter should be addressed to Mr. Jordan Ziegler, and the Search Committee at Glen Oaks Club, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why Glen Oaks Club and the Old Westbury, NY area will be beneficial to both you and the Club if selected. 

You must apply for this role as soon as possible but no later than Friday, October 2, 2020.   Interviews will occur in early November with a selection mid-November.

IMPORTANT:  Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
“Last Name, First Name - Resume” &
“Last Name, First Name - Cover Letter – GOC”
(These documents should be in Word or PDF format)
Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.

If you have any questions, please email Patty Sprankle:

Lead Search Executives:
Kurt D. Kuebler, CCM Partner                                                                                                                                   

Thomas B. Wallace III, CCM, CCE, ECM, Partner

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