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Brightview Senior Living LLC. based in Baltimore, MD is currently looking for a Corporate Director of Dining Services (CDDS). The Corporate Director of Dining Services will have strong business acumen and strategic thinking skills coupled with a solid understanding of food and beverage operations and kitchen design.  Because this is a corporate role, culinary skills are less important than business skills, though culinary skills and experience may help to promote credibility among community level Dining Services Directors who will look to this person for guidance and leadership.  The ideal candidate will be able to think creatively to advance the dining operations and will have the written and verbal skills to influence others around adoption of new ideas. 

The Corporate Director of Dining Services will partner closely with architects, interior designers, and internal project managers on new communities and with the internal capital projects team on the redesign and refurbishment of dining spaces, both front and back of house.  It will be important for this person to have a level of sophistication that allows him/her to both contribute to design decisions and maintain the integrity of aesthetics over time.  

The candidate will need the ability to balance creativity, innovation and forward thinking with oversight of existing operations.   S/he will have the ability to identify new opportunities and develop creative solutions to operational challenges.  S/he will also need to develop and monitor key metrics that indicate the health of F&B operations across the organization and to intervene as appropriate to address specific issues and develop solutions. 

The Corporate Director of Dining Services will directly manage two regional directors who are more involved in day to day operations of the communities they support.  While there is not a direct reporting relationship between the community level Directors and the Corporate Director, s/he will have the leadership skills to effectively manage those relationships and positively influence the performance of both regional and site level teams. 

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Though the origins of the organization date back to 1977 and the creation of The Shelter Group, Brightview Senior Living was created in 1997.  Shelter originally began as a property management company working with both multi-family and affordable seniors housing.   Based on success in and a passion for serving a senior population, Brightview Senior Living LLC was created, and over time, they transitioned away from multi-family and affordable communities and now focus exclusively on Brightview Senior Living.  BVSL is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and its footprint extends from the Mid-Atlantic to New England. 
Brightview Senior Living manages a diverse portfolio of senior living communities offering some combination of independent living, assisted living, and dementia care programs. In the Brightview communities, residents can live in their own apartment homes with their own furnishings that make them feel comfortable plus enjoy the benefits of a community setting.  Regardless of physical and/or cognitive limitations, every resident has the opportunity each day to live an active, purposeful and meaningful life, surrounded by friends and associates who care about them.   

Each of the Brightview Senior Living communities focuses on five elements of wellness which they call SPICE. Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional. The amenities and programs encourage active senior living communities and development in these areas, keeping residents active and healthy.


 “As an Associate of Brightview Senior Living, we are a team of people dedicated to creating vibrant senior living communities by providing excellent service to all of our customers.”


The STARS principles guide interactions with co-workers, residents, and business partners; influences the way that everyone does their jobs; and inspires everyone to deliver exceptional service to both internal and external customers.
Service seeking out ways to make resident and family member experiences as enjoyable and vibrant as possible; displaying enthusiasm, energy and vibrancy in their interactions with others; and treating residents, family members, visitors, co-workers, and others with respect, patience, and compassion.
Teamwork displaying respect for co-workers by being dependable and punctual; working effectively with a spirit of cooperation to achieve shared goals; and accepting direction, feedback and guidance from others
Action responding to both internal and external customers with a sense of urgency; actively engaging residents and taking note and action when they seem to be out of character; and acting resourcefully and responsively to solve problems, regardless of their origin.
Reputation using appropriate actions, conduct, and language that reflect positively on the community; demonstrating respect for residents by conducting ourselves as guests in their homes; presenting ourselves professionally and in line with Brightview standards; and demonstrating the highest ethical standards and unquestionable integrity at all times. Success supporting and delivering on the Brightview mission and brand promise; promoting the community in the spirit of “everybody markets;” and conducting ourselves in a manner that reflects a commitment to the overall success of the community.

 Throughout the year, associates at each Brightview community have the opportunity to be recognized for consistently reflecting the STARS core values and embracing a spirit of vibrancy. Community winners are automatically eligible for the highly coveted, Company-wide STARS awards, which are presented at the Annual Leadership Conference.

  • 4000 employees
  • BVSL is organized as an LLC and is a for profit corporation
  • There are 38 open communities as of June 2019 with two additional scheduled to open before year end and two more to open in the first half of 2020.  There are 16 additional in the development pipeline scheduled to open before the end of 2023.
  • Total food and beverage spend is approximately $32M annually, split nearly equally between labor and raw food/alcohol. 
  • Total annual revenue for Brightview is approximately $330M.


  • Be responsible for the Dining Services department: 
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Operational oversight
  • Embrace the culture of the 5 elements of S.P.I.C.E. Wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional
  • Have an innovative and creative mindset while leading the dining services department.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with other corporate subject matter expert team members.
  • Persuasively present visionary initiatives needed in the F&B area to elevate the resident experience while simultaneously achieving shared BVSL goals.
  • Balance labor cost control with elevated experiences for BVSL residences.
  • Maintain and enhance vendor relationships to maximize efficiencies in the department.
  • Develop and execute an Annual Business Plan that includes new initiatives, systems, and projects to advance the enterprise wide dining program.
  • Develop an Annual Operating Plan that includes residential dining themed events, demo experiences and staff training exercises.
  • Meet with and lead two regional directors adhering to AOP strategic goals in dining services operations
  • Continue to explore restaurant concepts that can be applied to existing or future properties.
  • Have a creative mindset when establishing the vision for the residential dining experiences at BVSL.
  • Help meet the Per Daily Resident (PDR) goals as established by BVSL
  • Critically analyze operational practices and make recommendations on dining experience and pricing options.
  • Examine current POS systems and reporting and make recommendations for future properties.
  • Seek creative solutions to resident dining times and seating options at BVSL properties. 
  • North and South Regional Directors of Dining Services
  • Must have strong business acumen and a creative mindset when approaching all facets of the director responsibilities.
  • Is a passionate leader with strong food and beverage credentials and a proven track record of providing premier -level hospitality services and has a comfort level and affinity with older adults.
  • Is a proven food and beverage leader who can effectively establish priorities, manage his or her time and execute on deliverables.
  • Has a verifiable track record of successfully leading and growing a dynamic food and beverage program including controlling costs and meeting or exceeding planned and budgeted bottom line goals and objectives.
  • Is a “relationship” person who is successful in finding solutions with all sides in mind while achieving established goals and objectives.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of multi-dimensional dining services, training, and service standards and processes.
  • Is a highly motivated individual who is confident in his or her abilities and yet humble in approach; a person who can share the credit with their team for achievements made as well as take responsibility when standards are not met.
  • Has a positive attitude and is professional in nature with a high degree of integrity, strong work ethic, and can handle challenges with professionalism.
  • Is resilient and can persuasively make their case for initiatives important to their vision for Dining Services
  • Exhibits a continuous desire to improve him/herself and a track record of developing strong and upwardly successful direct reports.
  • Is a confident, proactive team builder who has a history of attracting, developing, and retaining high performance staff.
  • Has experience working with architects and designers in planning dining outlets
  • Has an intuitive style resulting in a sincere and engaged presence with residents, guests, and staff; a truly engaging “people person.”
  • Has a fundamental understanding of what constitutes a “premier experience” and the proven ability to execute to that level.
  • Familiarity with the regulatory requirements associated with providing food services.
  • A professional career track record of corporate food and beverage achievement and stability with experience in high volume, highly respected properties.
  • Proven leadership qualities with demonstrated ability to direct, coordinate and manage all facets of operations.
  • Ability to compile, analyze and synthesize data from a variety of sources and to apply reason, logic and advanced problem-solving skills to resolve complex issues.
  • Must possess experience working with “Point-of-Sale” technology.
  • Must have strong computer skills, including extensive use of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Possessing financial acumen to understand financials and manage budgets.
  • An overriding sense of quality consciousness that pervades every part of the operation.
  • Sound and current knowledge of human resources practices, including wage and hour laws, employment and discharge, equal opportunity employment, OSHA and the full range of employee benefits.
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills. Comfortable speaking in front of a wide variety of groups including staff and administration. Communication with peer subject matter experts is a highly important attribute of the incoming corporate director.
  • A 4-year college degree or more is preferred with a major in Hospitality, Finance, and/or Business management. 
Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Brightview Senior Living offers an excellent benefit package.

Please upload your resume and cover letter (in that order) using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 

Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment, clearly articulating your “fit” with the profile and the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary. 

Your letter should be addressed to Andrea Griesmar, Senior Vice President, Brightview Senior Living, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why Brightview Senior Living and the greater Baltimore area will likely be an ideal situation for you, your family and the community if selected. 

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