Delaire Country Club General Manager/COO
Delaire Country Club
Delray Beach, FL

                                        GENERAL MANAGER/CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER PROFILE:
                                                                   DELAIRE COUNTRY CLUB
                                                                          DELRAY BEACH, FL


The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (GM/COO) role at Delaire Country Club (Delaire or DCC) is a tremendous opportunity to join a smaller membership residential community club that allows for personalized experiences and relationships to be developed and is in one of the most desirable areas in the country in which to live and work.  Over the past several years, and with upcoming plans to continue, Delaire leadership has been proactive to ensure that the Club and Community stays relevant and that amenities and programs are on trend.

The Team at Delaire has excellent tenure amongst nearly every key member of its management.  The Club Board is looking to continue its success with the recruitment of its new GM/COO, who is expected to lead in a CEO-like capacity, being a proactive thought leader with the Board, Committees, and a capable management team.  Continued amenity updates will be occurring in the next year and the new GM/COO will hold a key role in their final development and execution, as well as being expected to update and ensure relevancy in all performance management and member engagement systems and processes throughout the Club.  Having a strong network of club professionals, both locally and nationally to stay aware and ahead of trends will be a critical desire and expectation.  Additionally important are exceptional strengths in financial management, forecasting and ‘modeling,’ food and beverage operations, team development and mentorship and a strong appreciation of golf, fitness/wellness and the other key amenities and activities provided to members at DCC.

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Delaire Country Club is a low-density country club community, of only 324 homes plus 75 non-resident members, in bustling Delray Beach, Florida, the heart of the golfing mecca of Palm Beach County.  Delaire was purchased from its original developers in the early 1980’s and became a private country club community totally owned and operated by its members.

This 5-star Platinum Club of America is described as “stately, elegant and comfortable” and is centered by a stunning fully rebuilt clubhouse which boasts award winning dining facilities.  In 2011, Delaire finished an extensive renovation project, that included the completely new clubhouse, a new fitness center, a new family friendly pool and children’s playground.   An extensive golf facilities improvement program was completed in November 2016 and January 2017, making Delaire an even more desirable place to live and play.

Golf at DCC is a top performer with 27-holes originally designed by famed golf course architect Joe Lee and updated by highly regarded Kipp Schulties.  The low membership numbers allow the Club to continue the tradition of no tee-times which adds to the Club’s appeal, especially when compared to its much larger neighbors.

The Club has eight Har-Tru tennis courts, with two lighted for nighttime play.  The fitness/wellness center, located on the second floor overlooking the resort pool complex, provides state-of-the-art equipment, multiple classes, personal training, and massage therapy.  The zero-entry pool is especially appealing and is home to water aerobics classes and personal attention by the Club’s service team.

Delaire has a unique family multi-generational membership structure where a member’s parents, children, and grandchildren all have use and access rights with each membership.  Combining that approach with the Club’s longer tenured staff has created a very collegial, family centric environment.

Finally, amongst the many great amenities, programs and activities provided for members, their guests and families, the Club enjoys a robust array of ‘clubs within the club,’ including Book Club, Fine Wine Club, Ladies’ Bridge and Canasta Clubs, Gin Rummy Club, Mah-Jongg Club, and others along with a robust series of entertainment events throughout the year.

  • At present, there are approximately: 400 Members in all membership types, of those 283 are Resident Equity Members and 8 are Non-Resident Equity Members.
  • Initiation Fee - Resident Equity Member: $79,000; Non-Resident Equity Member: $2,000
  • Approximate Annual Dues – Resident Equity Member: $33,000; Non-Resident Equity Member: $32,000 (including monthly Capital charges of approximately $400 monthly)
  • 27 holes supports nearly 32,000 rounds of golf annually
  • Overall operating budget is approximately $12.4M
  • Food and beverage volume is approximately $2.16M, with approximately 95% from ala carte dining
  • The Club is organized as a 501(c)(7) and is a not for profit corporation
  • The average age of members is 71 years and continuing to trend younger
  • There are 9 voting Board Members and 2 non-voting ex-officio members, each serving three-year terms, as well as Standing Committees: Communication; Delinquency; Entertainment; Finance; Fitness; Food & Beverage; Golf; Green; Grievance; House & Property; Legal & By-Laws Laws; Long Range Planning; Membership; Tennis


The Board desires a GM/COO who functions in a CEO-like fashion, working very closely with the Board of Directors of the Club, and leading an active number of committees.  The GM/COO is looked upon as the “face” of Delaire Country Club and, in “partnership” with key volunteers, is a primary “visionary” to ensure that DCC consistently executes at an exceptionally high level of personalized service.  This “lead by example” GM/COO will be coming into a role and Club that “is not broken,” but will continue to look to enhance and elevate the overall membership and staff experience, and to be an “employer of choice” within a highly competitive hospitality community.  The Board is highly desirous of ensuring that they stay in a governance, policy, and evaluation ‘lane,’ while the GM/COO handles all operational matters and is an active ‘thought partner’ on strategic and policy matters.

Significant to the new GM/COO’s success is the ability to understand the unique nature, likely through current or previous first-hand experience, of residential community clubs.  Certainly, a key to his/her success is “putting members first,” and recognizing that the foundation of staff support, mentorship, clear direction and “walking the talk” and “being present” in his/her natural and engaging style.

The ability to “manage expectations at a high level of dynamic leadership and reasoning” is critically important, but a fair amount of that is accomplished simply by being present, approachable, accessible, diplomatic, and by having the necessary “gravitas” to be viewed with confidence by all constituencies.
Possessing the intellectual firepower to “hold your own in an environment populated with highly successful members with great expectations” is crucially important and may be achieved by approaching it with just the right amount of sophistication.  “Paying attention to the details” of maintenance, SOPs, overall member experience, staff culture and other key areas of success is critical.  Clearly, outstanding communication skills, especially the demonstrated ability to “listen and respectfully respond” is essential to success at Delaire.

The significant capital investment combined with a large turnover of membership over the past few years has helped evolve the culture of Delaire Country Club as it further establishes and cements its role as “the” preeminent “smaller and more personalized” active lifestyle club and community in Palm Beach County.  Helping to “manage change” associated with these improvements and new members are critical success factors of the new GM/COO.  Being the proactive staff leader of the organization in this regard is hugely important.

Key attributes, characteristics, experiences, and style of the successful new leader include:
  • Being a naturally “positive, energized, aspirational” leader who understands the dynamics of a family-oriented club, and who can and has effectively led diverse age demographics to “harmonious and supportive enjoyment of their club.”
  • Possess a deep knowledge in active club operations, with especially strong F & B skills as well as strong financial acumen, an appreciation of modern “performance management systems” and technology.
  • Actively participating and “thought partnering” with the Board, Committees, and contributors to DCC’s success.  Ultimately, the goal is to “allow members to be members,” enjoying their time and volunteer contributions, and not making operating decisions but being policy makers and strategic partners instead.
  • Naturally outgoing, conversant, respectful, and diplomatic, but able to say “no” when appropriate without alienating members or staff while doing so.  Being respectfully confident and “connected” to the membership and team is critical.
  • Having experience and skills in creating and implementing strategic plans; anticipating how the Club continues to evolve is important, as is being actively ‘networked’ in the industry to the point of being on the forefront of trends in clubs, communities, real estate, and economic cycles.
  • Possessive of a strong record of selecting and developing talent in club senior leadership roles, and helping those departmental leaders continuously develop themselves and their respective staffs in a desire to create a culture of continuous evolution to excellence in execution and delivery.
  • Financially astute and able to effectively guide a $12.0+M operation, likely to increase in overall revenues at the completion of the next major capital plan, which will be primarily focused on clubhouse updates.
  • A track record of results in governance/leadership partnership with active Member Boards.
  • Active involvement in CMAA or similar organizations where he/she has a strong network of peers, and can stay actively abreast of the industry, trends, and opportunities for Delaire to stay relevant and proactive for its members and staff.
  • A record of success in a similar quality club that has a verifiable history of strong member satisfaction and support.

With the expectation that the new GM/COO will commence his/her role in late Summer/early Fall 2019, the following priorities have been identified as recommended primary focus:
  • Understand, embrace, and execute the Board’s vision and strategy, with conviction, passion and energy in a manner that clearly conveys high value back to the membership.  Work in clear “partnership” with the Board while doing, keeping them actively abreast of results.
  • Meet and sincerely interact with and engage as many members as possible, “be present!”  Build trust whenever and wherever possible, schedule interactive times and follow up on details.  “Be involved and in charge!”
  • Spend time with the team, especially senior staff in all areas of operations, getting to know them, evaluating their abilities, and aspirations, ensuring that they and their respective teams have clear expectations and accountabilities in place.  Understand and develop, if necessary, an employee appreciation program that supports an “employer of choice” culture.
  • Create, gain “buy in” and execute a performance management system focusing on departmental leaders and their accountabilities and priorities, in conjunction with focus and creation of a strategic plan with the Board and appropriate Committees.  Included in this system is your own matrix of goals and responsibilities/accountabilities along with a plan as to how and when you will keep the Board informed of progress and outcomes.
  • Develop a report to provide the Board with a thoughtful “State of the Club” analysis following ninety (90) days of overview and insight.  This document will be part of the ‘roadmap’ to success, staff, plan, budget and other tactics and strategies for short and longer-term goals and should clearly spell out recommendations and opportunities to ensure “first class” delivery of a highly consistent member experience in all areas.  The focus on the “First Class Experience at DCC” expectation is critical, as is ensuring that it is seamless in its delivery in every department, all of which have complete reporting responsibility to the GM/COO.  Part of this evaluation is an overall organizational chart review and validation.
  • Work closely with the F & B team to ensure that an appropriate foundation of success is in place in this department, both in the culinary and service execution sides of the operation.  F & B operations are of utmost importance to the membership and meeting a majority of members’ expectations in this area is a critical success factor.  Service standards and consistent delivery thereof is an important area of focus.
  • Ensure the significant capital projects currently in the planning process are on track, adding your own insights and perspectives relative to viability and successful outcomes.  Involvement and leadership on a strategic level is a critical success factor and priority.

A minimum of 10 -15 years of progressive leadership/management experience preferably in a private member-owned country club residential community with multi-dimensional operations, or leading hospitality operations outside of the club industry in a similar hospitality operation.  A background and understanding of the Jewish culture in a club environment is critical; experience and success working in a predominately Jewish membership club is of great interest as well.

Verifiable success in the key attributes noted above.

A demonstrable record of personal success, unimpeachable reputation, a hunger for “being the best,” recognizable and naturally articulate, because of experience and success, in communicating how and why results were achieved.

Recognizing and appreciating that Delaire is not a typical ‘mega-club and community’ like many in Palm Beach County; the sincere and intuitive style of being actively engaged and interactive with members, guests, staff, and the community and being able to demonstrate such style in current or past roles.


A Degree is highly desirable, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business.  In lieu of the degree, substantial private club or hospitality experience will be considered.

Credentials from the hospitality industry, recognizing on-going involvement and commitment to lifelong personal and professional development are desired.


Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  The Club, along with the typical senior staff benefits, offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.


Please upload your resume and cover letter, in that order, using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 

Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment with the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary.  Your letter should be addressed to Dr. Gary Rose, Search Chairman and the DCC Search Committee, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why DCC and the Southern Palm Beach County area will be beneficial to you, your family, your career, and the Club if selected.

Your interest in this role must be communicated in the above manner no later than Wednesday, July 10, 2019 and preferably sooner.  Interviews are expected to occur on August 1st with the process successfully completed later that month and the new GM/COO assuming his/her role before ‘season’ starts in Florida.

IMPORTANT:  Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
“Last Name, First Name Resume” &
“Last Name, First Name Cover Letter”
(These documents should be in Word or PDF format)

Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.

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Kurt D. Kuebler, CCM
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