Pine Tree Golf Club Head Golf Professional
Director of Golf
Pine Tree Golf Club
Boynton Beach, FL

There is an exceptional opportunity available for the Head Golf Professional position at one of the premier clubs in Palm Beach County, Florida and the country.  Pine Tree is a “golf club for golfers” and therefore, it is a Club that requires and desires a golf professional who has a passion and respect for the game, and who will assume the role as “Ambassador” of Pine Tree.  With one of the very best courses in the State, this exceptional Dick Wilson designed course is the cornerstone of the Club’s goal of providing an “elite” experience in all areas of its operation, capably led by its HGP in collaboration with an exceptional team of other key departmental leaders.
The Head Golf Professional at Pine Tree Golf Club might best be described as both a traditionalist and a  professional who recognizes his/her role in creating and executing a great golf experience --- teaching, playing with members, being the ‘face’ of the Club, merchandising, recruiting and developing staff, growing the game and its enjoyment, etc.---while ensuring that PTGC is especially “relevant” to today’s club world and advances, nuances and extraordinarily personalized services provided at the “elite” golf clubs in the country.
This is an exceptional opportunity for the consummate professional; someone who understands and intuitively provides respectful interactions with members, guests and fellow team members, and who is highly competent in all aspects of the game and the supporting elements that are necessary to ensure consistent high-level service delivery.  As one member put it, “we need both an Ambassador and a General!”  Meaning, a true club professional who is capable, competent and motivated to be the complete package of a modern golf professional.  Plus, this is an opportunity to live and work in one of the most highly desirable areas of the country while doing so!
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Pine Tree is a prestigious, traditional, private club that remains a distinct entity from its surrounding development.  Members live throughout South Florida and most are seasonal residents, traveling north for the summer months.
In 1961, a group of good friends and avid golfers, who felt the need for a great golf course in this area, began the Pine Tree dream. The 50 Founding Members and 12 Charter Members purchased a large tract of dairy land just west of Delray Beach.  Dick Wilson, a Founder Member and well-known golf course architect of Doral Country Club, Ligonier Country Club, P.G.A. National Golf Course, Lacosta Country Club and many others, together with his assistant, Joe Lee, were commissioned to design and build the course.  Today, Pine Tree is considered to be one of Dick Wilson’s best courses and has been consistently ranked in the nation’s top 100 and in Florida’s top five.
Built on Florida’s flatlands, Wilson used well-positioned bunkers and expert design concepts to create a strategic game of golf that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of ability.  A player uses all of his/her clubs for varying length and placement throughout this design.  Pine Tree provides an excellent practice facility for every shot, including a driving range, a short game area and a large practice putting green.
Situated high on a hill, the stately clubhouse, with its plantation-style structure and tall column portico, greets arriving guests in the fashion of true southern hospitality.  Its conservative grace is felt throughout.  Amenities include an elegant dining room, lounge, and grillroom with a wonderful golf course view. Well-appointed men’s and women’s locker rooms and state of the art fitness center with personal trainers are part of the clubhouse, with all operations truly pointed at the golf experience and all that supports it.
Pine Tree is not a country club and does not wish to become one; it is a club for golfers!  There are “a lot of athletes at Pine Tree” who truly enjoy what it offers, and there is no a desire to change its culture, but only to continue to enhance it through elite and consistent service delivery.  Important to the culture of Pine Tree is the fact that its “inclusive; locals, seasonal members and various socio-economic levels are represented at Pine Tree, but all share a common interest in golf.  You do not have to ‘bring your game’ to the Club; the Staff is very good at matching players up and making thoughtful introductions. 
  • At present, there are approximately 310 members in all categories
  • Initiation Fee - $74,000 – Regular Member
  • Equity Bond - $11,000
  • Annual Dues - $14,150 – Regular Member
  • 18 Holes of Dick Wilson designed golf supporting approximately 21,000 golf rounds annually
  • The Golf Shop is approximately 1,100 square feet; ownership has historically been by the Head Golf Professional, but this is an open discussion option
  • The Head Golf Professional is a full time, year-round role
  • Golf Operational budget for 2018 is projected over $1.4M from all revenue sources, with over $500,000 in gross shop sales
  • Golf Operations maintains 3 assistant professionals and 7 full-time bag room/starter
  • The Club is organized as a 501(c)(7) and is a not for profit corporation
  • The average age of the members, at present, is 67 
As noted previously, the HGP at PTGC is expected to be the consummate professional, never losing sight of the primary objective of providing an exceptional golf experience for all the Club’s members, while at the same time growing the game and its enjoyment and being the true “face” of golf at Pine Tree.  Amongst many key competencies, the following are absolute keys to success and being an ideal “fit” for the role: 
  • The new HGP must be an outstanding and flawless communicator, current and innovative in engaging all member constituencies to participate and further enjoy the game, event planning and execution, retail management, and recognize that he/she will be stepping into a role that very few have enjoyed in the past; the history and tradition of professionalism is critical in one’s style and intuitive persona.  Possessive of a strong organizational, planning and prioritization skills combined with outstanding service and a fully member-focused attitude.
  • Ultimately, the HGP at Pine Tree is the “Master Coordinator” of a great golf experience.
  • A naturally energized personality with high levels of integrity, pragmatic, progressive and levelheaded with a presence that conveys leadership, trust, and confidence.  Someone who recognizes that being “present” is critical during “season.”
  • A great merchandiser who understands what members desire from their Golf Shop, and who is able to provide an “elite” experience inside and out in all things golf.
  • A good player who members are proud of for his/her playing skills, but who recognizes that first priority is that role that he/she has assumed, not working on his/her game.
  • Comfortable working in a highly collaborative manner with the GM and other Department Heads and provide thoughtful input and leadership to Golf and Green Committees.  Ultimately, a hardworking, “lead-by-example” professional who sets clear accountabilities, provides thoughtful and regular feedback to staff members, recognizing the responsibility he/she has to develop and mentor those who support him/her.  A self-motivated, role model for team members in all departments.  Motivated to create and lead a culture around golf operations including golf shop, golf staff development; someone who can build an especially strong team of professionals around himself/herself.
  • Significant experience and competency in organizing and managing golf events and outings. 
  • A “servant-hearted” leader who can relate to, interact with, play golf with, converse intelligently with, and have fun with all constituencies of members, while remaining the quintessential golf professional and “face” of golf operations at Pine Tree.
  • A skillful teacher who can adapt teaching techniques to apply to all golf level abilities and include various media including video and technology innovations of other sorts.
  • Someone who works closely with the course superintendent in coordinating planned closures for events and scheduled maintenance, demonstrating a strong “team player” leadership role in supportive communications about conditions, course plans, etc., with the membership.
  • A golf professional that recognizes what an “elite member and guest golf experience” means, and is able to continually evaluate, enhance, and direct others to achieve that vision in a positive, energized, and intuitive manner.  This experience may also require or include occasional accompanying, coordination, and promotion of member trips to significant golf venues, utilizing a desired network of industry professionals.  
Anticipating a summer 2018 start, the new HGP will need to focus on and recognize the following expectations (for positive achievement and personal attainment or focus): 
  • Develop a keen and deep understanding of the Pine Tree “culture”; and what needs to be accomplished to enhance or develop areas to support the aforementioned “elite club” experience.
  • While in the so-called ‘off season’ of operations, quickly develop a rapport and relationship with both members and staff who are available in the summer and fall season, and establish key priorities for a successful 2018-19 high season of golf.
  • Dig into the overall “details” necessary to be in place and/or implemented and enhanced to create a consistently high performing operation and team.
  • Ensure that scheduled events are well planned, properly, and effectively communicated and coordinated with all necessary constituencies.
  • Focus on significant engagement opportunities in the shop, on the practice areas, in the clubhouse and as often as possible; evaluate ALL aspects of the golf experience in collaboration with the GM and Golf Course Superintendent; from valet to departure, what can be done to ensure consistent execution of a highly personalized golf experience for members and guests.
  • Review and understand the full scope of merchandising and its opportunities in both hard and soft goods areas, ensuring that a strong understanding of member expectations in these areas is accomplished.
  • Oversee and become actively involved in the instructional program, ensuring that a strong “culture” of game improvement and enjoyment is in place and all team members understand and support it.
  • Work closely with the Accountant and GM to understand the fiscal responsibilities for all golf areas including planning, budgeting, monitoring and corrective management.
  • Review the caddie program for overall effectiveness, training opportunities and increased support from members.
  • Create an obvious “Wow” factor for members by instilling a high level of sustained energy and enthusiasm for Pine Tree into all that you do. 
Successful candidates for this role must be able to provide confidence to the Search Committee that the following qualifications are or will be in alignment with the Club’s desires: 
  • Be a current PGA Director of Golf, Head Golf Professional, or 1st/Senior Assistant from a recognizable, well-regarded club, and if the latter, someone who has mentored under a strong and well-regarded DOG or Head Golf Professional or have notable accomplishment and/or credentials in the golf industry.  Most importantly, have the ability and experience to both describe and deliver an “elite” member and guest golf experience.
  • Possess a strong, positive and demonstrable reputation within your PGA Section and, preferably, on a National basis within the PGA.
  • Preferably have experience working in similar club operations vs. resort golf environments.
  • Having verifiable strengths and a history of attracting and building high performance operational teams, being highly visible and interactive with members, being a strong supporter of fellow senior staff and being an energized “face” of golf at his/her present club is critical.  Further, possessive of a record of growing the instructional ability of his/her team to enhance member enjoyment and skills is important. 
  • Possessive of a successful playing record and personal golf game commensurate with the position and its stature, while at the same time recognizing that commitment priorities are first and foremost to Pine Tree.
  • Possessive of clearly developed communication skills, including verifiable strengths in responsiveness, diplomacy, ‘always-respectful’ delivery, fundamental “gravitas” and strong personal presence.  Someone who is known for being “accountable,” “taking ownership” and as having a high-level ability to effectively interact and communicate, both in writing and in-person in a highly professional and appropriate manner. 
  • Be recognized for being innovative, creative, and most importantly, proactive in developing and enhancing the overall golf programming and experience at his/her present club.
  • Be referenced as “leading by example” in all that he/she does in his/her golf operation; essentially someone who recognizes that the golf “culture” is started with appropriate and necessary “tone at the top” of the organizational chart.  This includes being a “good neighbor” with other local quality clubs and golf professionals, always recognizing the ambassador role one plays.
  • Have excellent business acumen, being able to clearly outline his/her history of managing the financial aspects and outcomes of his/her operation.  Goal setting, achieving objectives and process are critical success factors in this role, as is the ability to define and maintain high level standards, develop and deliver an exceptional merchandising program, while truly understanding the value of the PTGC Logo and “Brand”.
  • Have clear passion and respect for the game, its history and tradition, where it can be clearly seen to positively benefit and enhance members’ enjoyment and respect for golf at Pine Tree. 
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty.  The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required. 
Preferably, a college degree, and hold a minimum of a “Class A” card and be an active member of the PGA or have notable accomplishment and/or credentials in the golf industry.  Further, a verifiable commitment to continuing education within both the PGA, as there is a strong desire in place for candidates with leadership skills beyond golf operations. 
Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  The Club, along with the typical senior staff benefits, offers an excellent bonus and benefit package and is open to discussing ownership of the Golf Shop merchandise concession.
Please upload your resume and cover letter (in that order) using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 
Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment, clearly articulating your “fit” with the profile and the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary.  Your letter should be addressed to Jerry Durkin, Chairman, and the Pine Tree Golf Club Search Committee, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why Pine Tree Golf Club and the Palm Beach County area will be beneficial to both you and the Club if selected. 
Expressions of interest in this manner should be conveyed to our Firm no later than April 25, 2018.  Candidate selections will occur in May and interviews are expected to occur later that month prior to Memorial Day.  The eventually selected successful candidate would likely start in summer 2018.
IMPORTANT:  Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
“Last Name, First Name - Resume” &
“Last Name, First Name - Cover Letter”
(These documents should be in Word or PDF format)
Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.
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