Landmark Towers Condominium Association, Inc. General Manager/COO
Landmark Towers Condominium Association, Inc.
Greenwood Village, CO


The Opportunity

An opportunity exists for candidates with a successful track record of leadership and high-quality operations management in high-end private clubs, hotel/resorts and or homeowner’s associations.  The General Manager/COO will demonstrate strong communication skills and the ability to organize and professionally manage the management team, operations, finances and amenities of the two towers and the associated amenities, all while fostering the development and enhancement of the community and team culture.  The ability to intuitively embrace the need to be visible and highly interactive with the Property Owners and staff is critical; leadership in this area begins and ends with approachability and accessibility.
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History of The Landmark
In December of 2015, the residents of The Landmark assumed control of the Landmark Towers Condominium Association. Since that time, through their Board, they have endeavored to create the direction and vision for The Landmark and have made this statement:
The Landmark HOA will provide leadership and governance to enhance the quality of the Landmark living experience and increase property values for its condominium owners.
The Landmark shall be the premiere luxury condominium community in Colorado.
Operating Principles:
  • The Landmark HOA Board of Directors (The Board) will manage the operations of the Landmark in a transparent and prudent manner that promotes community and sustains financial accountability in order to continually enhance future property value.
  • The Board will ensure that the Landmark exceeds industry standards in appearance and operations. 
  • The Board will focus on the quality of service and building infrastructure while managing expenses in a manner such that only small incremental increases in dues are considered when necessary and financial assessments are considered only for emergencies or as a last resort.
  • The Board will commission an independent third-party reserve study at a minimum of every five years and conduct an annual review to assure funding of the reserve requirement at a minimum standard of 75%.
  • The Board will consider major purchase decisions based first on quality, second on delivery schedule and third on price. 
  • The Board will communicate, as appropriate, with employees, residents and owners in a timely, accurate and transparent manner all decisions and planned Board actions.
  • The Board will review and modify as appropriate all policies and procedures annually. Prior to any major policy change, residents and owners will be afforded a 30-day comment period prior to implementation.
  • The Board will solicit resident and owner input prior to any public endorsement of any issue.
  • The Board will not endorse explicitly or implicitly vendors, service providers or contractors. The Board may, however, provide listings of vendors, service providers or contractors that meet minimum requirements to perform duties at The Landmark as a courtesy to its residents. 
  • The Board will promote a positive community culture centered on mutual respect, appreciation and transparency among residents and staff.
  • The Board will foster an exceptional workplace environment where talented employees thrive and demonstrate pride of position.
  • The Board will ensure that employees are provided training and guidance necessary to understand their roles and responsibilities and achieve their stated goals. 
  • $3.4 M Annual operating revenue
  • 2.0 M in reserves
  • 270 Residences, 130 in The Landmark West and 140 in The Landmark East
  • 26 Employees
  • 7 BOD members with 3-year terms 
Surrounding the Landmark Towers, the Landmark development features an array of restaurants, entertainment and retail shopping and is convenient to downtown Denver, the airport, an extensive trail system leading to the High Line Canal trail and the Denver Tech Center and is just a short walk from the light rail.
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General Manager/COO Position

The General Manager/COO (GM/COO) will be hired by the association board of directors, reports to the association president and is accountable to the Board and is responsible for carrying out the Board’s policies. The GM/COO will be held accountable for all areas of the association and community operations. He/she will be the visible, face of the association allowing the Board to work on the holistic and long-term focus of association governance. He/she will prepare such special reports as may be requested by the Board and will report back on the effectiveness of the association’s policies, operations and new programs.
Direct Reports: 
  • Director of Engineering/Housekeeping
  • Managers on Duty (3 to 4)
  • Administration 
  • Security Contract
  • PEO/HR Service
  • Accounting Service 
The GM/COO is expected to be the quintessential professional. In collaboration with the Board, task forces and senior staff, the GM/COO should be able to define and execute plans to ensure that The Landmark is viewed as the premier luxury condominium community in Colorado.
Having full operational responsibility for the Association, the GM/COO will be responsible and accountable to develop, monitor and manage the Annual Operating Plan and Budget, developing appropriate analytical tools and benchmarks, both internally and externally, in accordance to the strategic plan.  Of primary importance is ensuring high levels of resident and associate satisfaction levels, as measured by agreed upon metrics.
Serving as the primary ambassador to the community at large, the GM/COO must have a natural and intuitive style of leadership, engagement, visibility, approachability and respectful, timely communication. 
Gaining the confidence of the residents and staff through thoughtful, candid and considerate interaction is of initial primary importance, as well as ensuring that an appropriate talent acquisition, retention, orientation, training and evaluation program is in place.
General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (GM/COO) Position Description 
  • The GM/COO, reporting to the Board of Directors, has clear “ownership” for day-to-day operations of The Landmark with specific emphasis on consistently enhancing an extraordinary lifestyle experience for residents. 
  • The GM/COO is responsible to manage all of the key assets (facilities and staff) including all of the amenities, property owners’ operations to ensure consistently “best in class” service execution and delivery.
  • The GM/COO provides leadership to contributing constituencies (board, committees, residents and staff) relative to key programming, events and activities at the Association, and community assets and requirements, recognizing the need to lead in balancing multiple interests, perspectives and desires within the Association’s performance standards, and the Association’s business and financial objectives.
  • The GM/COO provides successful administration of the “business” of The Landmark while meeting annual tactical and strategic goals and expectations, keeping a clear appreciation of maintaining high resident satisfaction levels in the course of doing so. The GM/COO will be leading all aspects of the organization and will be a “courageous thought partner” with the board.
  • The GM/COO is the clear leader in ensuring that The Landmark is a premier residential association community and is maintained through consistent focus on priorities, goals and objectives that have been mutually established and reviewed in conjunction with the Board of Directors. The GM/COO will oversee the execution of all necessary and relevant enhancements to procedures and operational strategies.
  • The GM/COO is the “face” of The Landmark and is expected to ensure that the best interests of the residents and community are maintained and enhanced through his/her leadership. Of extreme importance is the development of an effective and dedicated team of professionals and professional infrastructure, consistent operating standards and execution, and overall leadership within the organization. Developing, mentoring and supporting staff, while providing exceptional clarity of expectations is critical.
  • In addition to leading all management functions in the operation the Association’s top executive will lead the preparation of annual operating and capital budgets and be a catalyst in compelling the strategic planning of the Association. 
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets and, after board approval, manages and controls the operation to attain the desired results, recognizing the need to apply a common-sense approach to flexibility within the “roadmap” of each budget plan.
  • Installs controls and procedures, where necessary, to ensure consistent, efficient delivery of all resident and staff services. Assures regular review of these procedures to ensure relevance and reliability of resulting information. 
  • The GM/COO will work with the Board to identify annual initiatives and budget objectives, presenting plans and recommendations to the Board for approval. These plans will be backed with reasoned, well-conceived tactics, which the GM/COO will own and be accountable to attain.  A number of potential capital projects are being considered, and the GM/COO will be a key player in the design and execution of these initiatives. 
  • The GM/COO role is clearly the most significant role within The Landmark. This executive will be primarily responsible and ultimately accountable for all matters of importance and consequence of, including the organizational structuring to ensure that details critical to these goals are consistently achieved.
  • Immediately act as a true “thought partner” with the Board and committees to provide intellectual dialoguing as well as highly proactive and innovative response to the ultimate goal of achieving the vision of The Landmark. Immediately builds effective Board, committee and executive team partnership relations through responsiveness and trust, inspiring decision-making and thoughtful recommendations.
  • In conjunction with the Board, develops a strategic plan that will be the “roadmap” for the future, clearly articulating the mission and vision of The Landmark, along with an action plan to address the current and future strategic issues.
  • Develop an in-depth onboarding program for new Board Members and establish an annual Board Retreat.
  • Learn the history, culture and traditions of the community, developing relationships with key community leaders, influencers, and The Landmark at large while assessing its operations.
  • Conclude an overall organizational chart review with full engagement of the associate team ensuring a strong sense of morale is in place as a consequence of the leadership transition.
  • Understand the Homeowners Association financial model, its history for implementation and need for adherence by all departments/managers, and clearly understanding how The Landmark makes it financial projections.
  • Focus on the hospitality aspects of the Association and community operations, recognizing that they are the ‘heart’ of The Landmark experience, and their consistent delivery and execution of personalized, “best in class” service levels are critical success factors.
  • Work with the Board in identifying needed refurbishment projects throughout The Landmark
  • Learn about pending issues that may have significant influence on the Association’s future direction. Work with the Board to assist them in the ongoing challenges of these issues. 

General Qualifications & Experience 

A college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree either in Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Community Management or equivalent field with 10 years of progressive management experience with a successful track record of leadership and high-quality operations management in high-end private clubs and or homeowner’s associations.
The successful candidate shall, within the first six months of employment, become licensed by the State of Colorado as a Community Association Manager.
Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Typical CMAA and/or CAI benefits and a competitive benefits & incentive package are offered.
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