The Rocky Fork Hunt & Country Club General Manager/COO
The Rocky Fork Hunt & Country Club
Columbus, OH

An exceptional opportunity exists for candidates with a successful track-record of leadership and high-quality operations management at family centric club operations or high-end establishments in the hospitality industry.  We are conducting the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer search for The Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club.  The candidate will be an integral part of a high-performing team at one of the most exclusive clubs in Ohio.
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The Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club (RFHCC), is in Jefferson Township, Ohio, a rural-feeling suburban area of Columbus, Ohio’s state capital and largest city.  RFHCC is a “magnet” club which draws its members from throughout the central Ohio area.  
Columbus is the 14th largest city in the nation and has a diverse and thriving economy based on state and federal government, banking and insurance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, higher education, and research and technology.  It has an active arts, entertainment, sports, and food scene and boasts a wide variety of outstanding residential areas with excellent housing, schools, and recreation.  In 2016, Money Magazine ranked Columbus as one of the “6 Best Big Cities” in the nation and the best in the Midwest.
Founded in 1925, RFHCC is a true "country" club located on 175 scenic acres of landscaped grounds and dense forest along Rock Fork Creek.  The clubhouse, built in the style of an English country home, sits on a high ridge with a commanding view of the property.  RFHCC prides itself on the uniqueness of its clubhouse and grounds, traditions, and intimate atmosphere.
The Club amenities include formal and informal dining, an outdoor terrace, full-size 25-meter swimming and diving pool with kiddie pool, locker and changing rooms, two platform tennis courts with warming hut, four Har-Tru tennis courts, tennis pavilion, toboggan run, portable ice rink, fishing pond with shelter, outdoor picnic area and grill with Creekside shelter, bocce ball courts, extensive wooded grounds with miles of maintained forestry trails for hiking and bird watching.
Foxhunting has been a part of RFHCC since the beginning. The Rocky Fork Headley Hunt, a separate organization, continues to foxhunt on the property and neighboring farms, and kennels its hounds at the sight of the former stables. 
RFHCC is known for its outstanding food and service.  The intimate atmosphere of the clubhouse and natural beauty of the grounds provide a unique setting for private entertaining, social events, and casual and formal dining.  The North Room, Dining Room, and East Room, offer a formal dining experience, and members enjoy casual dining in the Hunt Room, Porch, Terrace, and Pool area.  The popular Chef’s Table concept was created to give diners a chance to "peek behind the curtain" and experience another side of dining in the bustling kitchen.
Social activities at RFHCC include a wide variety of offerings and appeal to all demographics.  The Club hosts cocktail parties, wine dinners, football parties, theme events, cookouts, family campouts by the pond, and festive holiday celebrations. 
  • 311 members, of which 258 are voting members
  • $17,000 Initiation fee
  • $3,600 Annual dues of voting member
  • $2.28M Gross volume
  • $915,000 Annual dues volume
  • $1M F&B volume
  • $1M Gross payroll
  • 55 Employees in-season; 35 off-season
  • 9 Board members 
The GM/COO of RFHCC enables the Club to achieve the vision and brand promise established by the Board of Trustees.  S/he oversees all activities of the Club relating to its Board, members, guests, and employees, and reports directly to the Club’s President and Board.  
The GM/COO directly supervises the Assistant General Manager, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Director, Director of Facilities, and Landscaping Manager.  
Through careful oversight of the P&L and management in accordance with the Club's policies and procedures, the GM/COO leads and manages the staff to operate the Club with the utmost professionalism and an engaged commitment to family, quality, and service, thus ensuring maximum member and guest participation and satisfaction.
The GM/COO is responsible for the creation and implementation of all service culture, setting standards and establishing procedures while providing leadership for managers and staff at RFHCC.  Clearly, a primary objective is for the GM/COO to represent the Club to all constituencies, including the external community, and to ensure that goals and objectives are defined, understood, obtained, evaluated, and enhanced on a continuous basis, to creatively meet the expectations of the membership as articulated by the Board in concert with the GM/COO.
In addition to coordinating and supervising all the management and administrative functions of the Club, the GM/COO will oversee the preparation of annual operating and capital budgets, supporting the strategic and tactical initiatives and expectations that s/he has established with the Board.
The GM/COO is the primary coordinator of food & beverage budgeting, hiring, training, orientations and teammate cultural immersion, and supervision of associates.  S/he will therefore be using and applying relevant technology and necessary marketing techniques to encourage member usage of food & beverage offerings, assuring member and guest needs and desires are consistently met and often exceeded.  Club member and guest satisfaction and enjoyment of the culinary and service experience at RFHCC are primary drivers to its overall success.  A developed sense of genuine hospitality and an ability to instill this in the staff is a must.
The GM/COO must support the Club’s membership recruitment and retention efforts, even though this is an area of the operation that continues to be “by invitation only” and is led by an active Membership Committee.  It is critical that s/he understands the local market and economy.  As such, the GM/COO must be comfortable and competent being an integral, and sometimes proactive, part of developing relationships that may lead to membership interest and/or revenue opportunities, and in effectively orienting new members so their initial experience with RFHCC results in regular use of the Club.
The GM/COO, having a strong and highly visible and respectful presence with the membership, must be an exceptional communicator, have adroit personal interactive skills and the maturity to instinctively know how to make members and guests feel they are consistently treated in a gracious manner.  Further, s/he must be able to communicate these expectations to staff with diverse backgrounds and help them to understand and execute to those expectations.  The Club prides itself on the compatibility and congeniality of its membership and the GM/COO must epitomize this style of leadership.
The GM/COO is expected to be present at the Club as its “face,” managing operations during regular business hours as well as during evening and weekend private party and Club functions.
The GM/COO takes personal ownership of operations, being especially aware of the physical plant and overall presentation of the operation and the need to be consistently member ready in both appearance and service.
  • Focus on Culture and Member Experience - Sincerely and significantly engage members, guests, and staff.  Learns member names and listens to their concerns and suggestions to implement appropriate and necessary improvements as approved by the Board.  Understands and appreciates the Club’s history and traditions while at the same time balances the needs and desires of a dynamic membership with modern club needs.
  • Food and Beverage Operations – The importance of a well-run food and beverage department at the Club is top priority.  A focus on elevating the service culture in conjunction with a keen attention to culinary quality and presentation is a must.  The incoming GM/COO will have the opportunity to hire a new Executive Chef soon after hiring.
  • Oversee Daily Club Operations - Clearly defines the standards of delivery and executes to those expectations, while ensuring that processes for hiring, training, and retention of key staff are in place to achieve consistency of best-in-class performance throughout the RFHCC operation.  This includes being physically present at the Club and always working toward top-notch facilities and immaculate grounds.
  • POS System - RFHCC needs to invest in an appropriate, all club POS system to ensure proper fiscal and organizational operations into the future.  This will be an opportunity for the incoming GM/COO.
  • Steward Financial Resources - Ensures that RFHCC remains financially competitive within its peer group of clubs in the market; the GM/COO must be the catalyst for examining and forecasting service desires; ensures a strong system of metrics where needed, and consistently monitors them to maintain a proactive, solutions-based approach with the Board and staff at the Club. 
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - Provides ongoing, transparent communication on operations to the Board; regularly communicates with Committee Chairs; sends regular communications to the Membership and Staff. 
  • Is a catalyst with the Board of Trustees for identifying new programs and services for members and guests, designed to increase usage and/or enjoyment of the Club facilities.
  • Recognizes that all amenities at RFHCC are unique and need to be consistently well-maintained, and that his/her primary mission is to determine and ensure that quality service and product levels are provided, and that the team consistently supports this goal and delivery.
  • The GM/COO recognizes that quality food & beverage operations are of primary importance at the Club and, as such, need to be commensurate with member expectations.
  • Ensures that members have consistent opportunities to provide input, suggestions, observations, and concerns about all aspects of the Club and that s/he in turn has multiple opportunities for respectful and engaged communication with each constituency.
  • Recognizes the on-going desire of the Club to uphold a tradition of elegant and outstanding dining to ensure that the majority of member’s interests are consistently met. 
  • Ensures that appropriately skilled and competent managers are in place for key positions and that each of them does the same in their respective areas of responsibility.  Sets standards of performance with each of them for their respective departments and holds them accountable for maintaining these standards within the Club.
  • Provides clear and consistent input and direction to each associate on his/her team who hold accountability for service and product delivery to the membership and one another.  Ensures that each has the appropriate and necessary tools with which to accomplish the desired objectives, while providing regular guidance and evaluation of outcomes.  
  • Recognizes, respects, and supports the contributions of key managers and staff, many of whom have been a part of the Club for several years, celebrating their successes but also holding them accountable for achievement of agreed upon annual and more frequently determined goals and objectives.
  • Inherently enjoys developing and building his/her team and leading them to significant, positive membership satisfaction outcomes.
  • Ensures that an effective orientation and on-boarding program is in place for associates along with consistent professional development and training.
  • Ensures there is effective and efficient staffing and scheduling in all the Club’s dining outlets, balancing financial appropriateness with member satisfaction desires.
  • Ensures that staff understand and have clear performance expectations, and that necessary tasks are reasonable, well-conceived and appropriately conveyed.
  • Recommends and upholds expectations for dress and decorum for service personnel while on duty at the Club, and consistently monitors for adherence.
  • Conducts regular performance appraisals and provides on-going feedback relative to performance to each direct report.  Interacts with managers pursuant to the appraisal, discipline, and/or discharge, of their respective direct reports.
  • Ensures that staff in all areas are focused on positive, supportive relationships amongst themselves and with the membership, and that inappropriate behavior of any type is not tolerated in the workplace.  Further ensures that all departmental managers and supervisors are keenly aware and understand these same expectations and are consistently maintaining identical standards.
  • Develops and continues to update training manuals and programs as necessary to ensure service excellence and consistency.
  • Is committed to professional growth and development for him/herself and the team of associates. 
  • Proactively identifies strategic projects and business trends that are important to the long-term well-being of the Club and offers recommendations and solutions to the Board and/or appropriate Committees for consideration.  The GM/COO, working closely with the Board, is most critically aware of club industry, economic, and membership-related trends that may impact the Club, and is a catalyst in staying ahead of expected negative impacts.
  • Is ultimately responsible to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place for all the Club’s primary assets – membership, staff, amenities, assets and so forth – whether it be for physical safety purposes, or for protection of information and intellectual property of the Club.
  • Ensures that effective control systems are in place to monitor and identify the flow of work, receipts, and expenditures, and that all are accomplished with the highest degree of integrity and accountability.
  • Is responsible for meeting sales, expense, and surplus goals as outlined and approved in the annual operating budget, to which s/he has been an active participant in creating.
  • Installs controls and procedures in food & beverage operations, where necessary, to ensure consistent, efficient delivery of all member and staff services as per budget plan.  Assures regular review of these procedures to ensure relevance and reliability of resulting information.
  • Ensures that reliable and necessary monitoring of results is in place to quickly respond to negative trending and to further enhance positive outcomes in the Club’s food & beverage and other operations.
  • Develops annual, and more often as needed, short and long-term goals and objectives for clubhouse operations, including working with his/her team of associates to develop tactical solutions and enhancements to the member service experience at the Club.
  • Working with the President, Board, and Comptroller, sets necessary and measurable metrics for successful operation of the food and beverage program, including regularly analyzing costs, inventories, daily/monthly financial statements, and the Club’s competitive positioning in the food and beverage operation.
  • Develops creative and innovative ways of promoting the Club’s activities during normal and non-traditional times of the year, recognizing the Club’s history of consistently raising the expectations of its members and guests, especially in the food and beverage operation.
  • Assists in planning and is responsible for ensuring that special Club events are well-conceived and executed.
  • Assists in planning and is responsible for ensuring that internal marketing and sales promotions for the food and beverage operations occur on a timely basis, and in a manner, that conveys a commensurately appropriate style and amount of information to members.
  • Clearly understands the financial metrics for successful attainment of goals and objectives in all areas of responsibility, and consistently reviews these expectations with his/her direct reports to ensure understanding and buy-in from those contributing to their attainment.
  • Has a strong sense of urgency and responsiveness, while also maintaining quality and integrity of the plan. 
  • Is sincerely and visibly engaged throughout the operation and, most specifically, in the dining rooms during periods of active usage to be personally connected with members and staff.
  • Exceptionally strong communication and facilitation skills, both written and verbal, with the appropriate personal presence, and a desire and ability to interact effectively before diverse constituencies of members, staff, vendors, and other people who are part of the success of the Club.
  • Places great importance on staff communication and understanding, especially as it relates to the Club’s primary mission and goals, essentially being the protector and promoter of the RFHCC brand.  
  • The GM/COO must be a true listener who places great importance on personal interactions with all constituencies of the Club.  Gathering and disseminating information/data is critically important to help determine the long term, majority interests and desires within the Club, as well as to promote Board initiatives and to ensure that correct information is being shared with members and staff.
  • Is responsible for ensuring frequent and ongoing communications with members regarding updates, issues, and upcoming marketing of events via email, letters, and monthly newsletters.  
  • Coordinates a program designed to ensure associates execute a high degree of member recognition, as well as developing and using member preferences and profiling programs designed to meet and/or exceed their expectations of the RFHCC experience.
  • Recognizes that no surprise leadership means keeping the President and Board of Trustees consistently informed of all significant or potentially significant issues regarding member concerns and experience, staff performance, operations, and other Club-related matters. 
  • A minimum of 3 - 5 years of verifiable, progressive leadership and management experience in an active, first class hospitality environment.  Current Managers and Assistant General Managers of well-recognized clubs, with verifiable records of achievement, will be strongly considered for this role.
  • A verifiable career track that demonstrates a record of tenure and commitment to previous employers, and that career moves were for enhancement of skills and experiences as opposed to ‘unplanned’ career changes.
  • Strong general leadership skills with verifiable strengths in team development, financial performance, diverse recreational amenity management, quality F&B programming, strategic planning, and project management. 
  • A college degree is desirable, but not required.
  • In lieu of the degree, substantial private club or hospitality experience will be considered.
  • Industry certifications and designation preferred but not required. 
Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  The Club, along with the typical CMAA benefits, offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.
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Your letter should be addressed to Cathy J. Williard, Chair of Search Committee, The Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club.  Clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why RFHCC and the central Ohio area will likely be a “fit” to you, your family and the Club if selected.  
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