Bath and Tennis Club General Manager
Bath and Tennis Club
Palm Beach, FL

The Bath and Tennis Club, located in Palm Beach, Florida, is searching for a new General Manager (GM) to succeed the current long tenured and highly regarded GM, who retires at the end of this season after 12 years of service at this historic club.  The new GM should exude appropriate discretion, professionalism, respect, and gravitas, and have an appreciation for the traditions and culture of this recently renovated ocean front club.  The Bath and Tennis Club is a multi-generational family centric private club that is supported by a multi-generation staff.  A highly seasonable operation, this full-time, year-round position is appropriately considered to be the pinnacle of one’s career in one of the most highly competitive and upscale locations in the nation.  The B&T sits adjacent to the winter vacation home and club of the President of the United States, Mar-a-Lago.
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The iconic Bath and Tennis Club (B&T) is situated with 580 feet of ocean front on the island Palm Beach.  Founded in 1924 the club has remained one of the finest clubs in the country for nearly 100 years.
The Club settled in its current location in 1927 and in 2011 completed a four-year renovation project to restore the main club to its original grandeur, bestowed by architect Joseph Urban.  The Preservation Society awarded the club the prestigious Ballinger Award for Historical Preservation. This was the first time this award was ever presented to a private club.  Since 1980 the B&T has been listed as a landmarked building by the Town of Palm Beach.
Conveniently located, the B&T is less than 6 miles from Palm Beach International Airport where Southern Boulevard ends at the Atlantic Ocean.  Understated and elegant, the clubhouse appears single story from the entrance porte-cochere, but as you walk through the solid mahogany front doors, it is like stepping back in time with much of the interior architecture restored or maintained to its historical roots. 
The main clubhouse consists of multiple living, dining, and function rooms, many overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and encompasses an expansive 65,000 square feet directly on the beach.  Within the Club’s confines are two kitchens, two large pools, one saltwater, 168 member cabanas, a number of outdoor dining spaces, a well-appointed and updated spa and beautician area that provides nail, hair, massage, and other services, as well as a nicely equipped fitness center overlooking the tennis operation.  The tennis program includes eight Har-Tru Hydro courts and
has a classic ‘all whites’ attire environment.
The Food & Beverage program at the B&T is highly-regarded, as is the view from the outdoor dining areas.  The downstairs dining areas are typically served from a long-standing tradition of upscale cafeteria style service, while the upstairs operations are more typical ala carte and event/party operations. 
As noted, the Club is highly seasonal with its operations, opening around the first of November and closing after Memorial Day weekend.  Within those parameters, the Club has peaks around Thanksgiving, between Christmas and New Year, and the month of March through Easter.  Anticipating and effectively responding to seasonal peaks and valleys is a critical success factor as it requires appropriate ‘balancing’ of staff and labor utilization.
The B&T is very family oriented, and continues to expand its focus in this area during and after the most recent capital renovations.  Significant programming has been added for child care and children’s activities as well as dedicated areas and staff.  Continuing to keep this key feature in focus in the future is very important.
Also, unique to the B&T is its long time, on-site, floral operation, which is a service offering rarely found in clubs these days.  The very long tenured florist provides a wonderful service to the Club and to members who utilize the service for personal and special event needs.
Overall, the B&T enjoys an outstanding reputation and has exceptionally high membership and staff satisfaction levels.  A very large number of staff, both line and senior department heads, have years of service at the Club.  Consistently viewed as a “family” by both members and staff, the highly respectful, sincere way in which both constituencies interact and function is special and rarely seen to this level in the industry.  The best successor in this role will be someone who embraces and embodies this culture and style, and who is sincerely “present” in all that he/she does while being a “cheerleader” to the team and a confident, but egoless partner with the Board. 
  • Gross volume – Approximately $12.5M
  • Annual F&B - $3.25M with approximately 70% of that food sales
  • Gross payroll – Approximately $7.5M
  • Employees (FTE) – Approximately 45 year-round; Seasonal – 120
  • 8 Har-Tru Hydro Tennis Courts (the tennis operation is an independent contractor relationship)
  • Spa, Barber, and Beautician services (all also independent contractors)
  • 168 Pool-Side Cabanas
  • Main Clubhouse and Oceanside Café – 2 Kitchens 
The General Manager (GM) performs as the Chief Operating Officer of the B&T, and is responsible for the proper management of all aspects of the Club’s activities.  The GM devotes full time and attention to operations and staff to ensure maximum membership satisfaction, both short and long term.  The continuance and improvement of the quality of the Club’s services, as well as the maintenance, security and protection of the Club’s assets and facilities are also fundamental duties.
The new GM at the B&T will be coming into a well-equipped and updated club operation with a very capable and highly regarded group of long-tenured senior leaders.  The GM will directly supervise the Director of Finance, Social Secretary/Membership, and the Assistant General Manager, as well as others deemed appropriate after organizational chart review.  The GM is responsible for the mentoring and professional growth of the management team, and will report to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  Other senior managers include:  Director of Maintenance, Aquatics Director, Executive Housekeeper, Beach/Cabana Supervisor, Executive Chef, F & B Manager, and Assistant F & B Manager.
The GM will have responsibility for all day-to-day operations of the B&T.  He/She will direct and administer all aspects of the operations -- the amenities, project development, staff and all programs and activities including each operating entity of tennis, pool, fitness, and food/beverage operations, activities, and programs to ensure consistent, outstanding service delivery to the membership and their guests.  At the B&T, this position is one that will require exceptional diplomatic graciousness with a high degree of visibility, a strong ‘personalized service’ perspective, and a personification that is critical for all team members to emulate.  Critical to the new GM’s success is the intuitive sense to be “present” and to sincerely engage with every generation of family members and their guests, and to do so with a high and appropriate level of discretion.
The GM will be responsible for the creation, implementation and consistent maintenance of all service standards and processes while providing relevant, innovative, and respectful leadership for key managers and staff at the B&T.  Clearly, with the size and personalized nature of the B&T, a primary objective is for the GM to be the highly visible and interactive ‘face’ of the Club and to ensure that goals and objectives are defined, understood, evaluated, and enhanced on a continuous basis.  Most important to one’s success will be to meet the expectations of the membership, as defined by the Board of Directors in strong collaboration with their “thought partner,” the General Manager! 
Having a mindset of appropriate balance of tradition with consistent and relevant enhancement of the member experience is a critical success factor for the new GM!  The Club has enjoyed a sustained period of high member and associate satisfaction, quality programming and amenity enhancement, which is clearly intended to continue in the future.
A key attribute for the new GM is to have a history of success and a strong prioritization on recognizing, respecting and supporting the contributions of key managers and staff.  Being a consistent, positive and “hands-on” leader is critically important, while further ensuring the team continues its high level of working collaboratively and with mutual respect.  As previously noted, being a strong mentor is a critical success factor.  The new GM should continue to build upon a culture that is exceedingly warm and friendly, comfortable, and gives the feel to the members that the Club is truly “an extension of their homes.”
Outstanding communication skills are necessary for this role.  As the primary communicator of much information at the Club, proven outstanding verbal and written skills are absolutely critical, as is a keen ability to listen, engage, build trust, and be highly approachable.  To reiterate, “being present” when and where appropriate is critical to both members and staff; ensuring that time is spent with members and staff during the season when they are present.
The Club is led by its Board of Directors, with a relatively small number of committees, most of which meet only periodically and during the season.  The vast majority of members do not live in Florida during the summer months, so having strong trust and confidence in the general manager to ensure appropriate focus during that period occurs is imperative.  A significant amount of work occurs in the off season to repair, refinish, replace, and maintain the operation and amenities.
A key priority over the past year is working closely with appropriate local and Federal officials relative to the coordination and minimal disruption of members to enjoy the B&T during the periods of Presidential visits to the adjacent Mar-a-Lago.
The following priorities have been identified as recommended primary focus: 
  • Discretion and a focus on member privacy is extremely important.
  • Utilize the tremendous historical resources---members, staff and records---to come up to speed on the B&T’s history, culture, evolution, and seasonal offerings.
  • Be a thoughtful, approachable, respectful, discreet leader who gets to know the team and members, their families and involvement.  Quickly knowing the names of all involved in the Club---both members and staff----is a critical success factor.
  • Learn the Palm Beach community and the key relationships that need to be fostered or developed for the B&T’s success.
  • Ensuring that there is continuity from the retiring GM to the new GM, utilizing your predecessor’s knowledge, recommendations and ideas is critical.
  • Recognizing and embracing the fact that the B&T is a multi-generational FAMILY centric club that is served by multi-generational staff. 
Candidates should have:
  • A personally mature leader with minimum of 10+ years of verifiable, progressive leadership and management experience in an active, FAMILY-centric, private member focused club environment is strongly preferred.  NOTE:  While having preference for those who have experience in the GM role, those current Assistant GENERAL MANAGER/COOs, or Club Managers at well-recognized clubs, with verifiable records of achievement, may be considered for this role, as will other hospitality industry candidates who can be validated to have strong soft skills and a keen understanding of a member/volunteer leadership environment.
  • A verifiable career track that demonstrates a record of tenure and commitment to previous employers, and that career moves were for enhancement of skills and experiences as opposed to ‘unplanned’ career changes.
  • Strong general management skills with verifiable strengths in team development, financial performance, diverse recreational and service amenity management (tennis, aquatics, family activities and others are especially desirable), quality food and beverage programming (especially important), exceptional member/guest service programming, strategic planning, project management, and most importantly the ability to consistently define and achieve goals and objectives. 
  • Exceptionally strong communication and facilitation skills, both in writing and verbally, along with the appropriate personal presence and “gravitas,” desire and ability to interact effectively before diverse constituencies of members, staff, vendors, and other people who are part of the success of the B&T.  It cannot be reiterated strongly enough that communication with members, staff, service providers and community,” and sincere and engaged personal visibility is of immense importance at the B&T.
  • Had an exposure and responsibility to oversee and lead high-quality operations in his/her previous positions -- amenities, service, history and traditions and overall club ambience.  It is critical that the GM embodies the level of quality and consistency that is commensurate with expectations at the B&T.
  • Prior experience in coordinating and overseeing major club improvement projects, especially as these relate to construction and renovation projects.
  • Business, creative, and entrepreneurial sense for the overall evaluation of programs and services provided at the B&T.  Additionally, having the ability to recognize the quality and type of service that the majority of members (or future majority of members) expect, and which will continue to enhance the value of membership at the B&T. 
A candidate must be:
  • A confident, diplomatic, discreet, and competent professional who is a ‘doer’ and take-charge person and who recognizes the importance of accountability.  A creative problem solver who commands respect because of the way he/she interacts with others and lives up to his/her word; not someone who is defensive in any way, or who has an ego that interferes with listening.
  • Possessive of strong organizational skills, and an obsession with covering the details necessary to consistently achieve high levels of quality, satisfaction, and outstanding member experiences.
  • A “no surprise” style leader who naturally shares information and direction rather than having a hidden agenda.
  • Someone who is equally at ease in developing relationships with all demographics of members -- long tenured, newer tenured, male, female, juniors, tennis players, social members, etc. -- without favoritism and by using strongly developed listening skills.
  • Capable of a high degree of initiative and resourcefulness in directing the activities of a busy, family oriented, highly seasonal club; able to present a consummately professional image to the staff, membership, and the community at all times.  The true “Ambassador” of the B&T, both internally and in the external community.
  • Have a high degree of creative and “fresh” ideas relative to food and beverage operations, member activities and programs.
  • A true “team player and developer.”  A person who embodies the persona of ultimate coach and motivator who exemplifies a team spirit attitude; someone who brings out the very best in those around him/her by setting clear goals and expectations, providing consistent feedback and support, and who is respectful and professional in all interpersonal dealings.
  • A person who understands and effectively functions in a non-profit, volunteer Board and Committee environment.  Someone who is a strong consensus builder, and who embodies the behavior and skills one needs to be successful in this type of governance model. 
Preferably, a college graduate, with a CCM or equivalent professional designation and a commitment to on-going personal development regardless of what stage they are in their career.
Open and commensurate with the geographic region and size of club operation, qualifications, and experience, with an incentive opportunity based on reasonable metrics will be developed.  The club, along with the typical CMAA benefits, offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.
Please upload your resume and cover letter (in that order) using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 
Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment, clearly articulating your “fit” with the profile and the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary. 
Your letter should be addressed to Mr. Patrick Henry, President, and the Bath and Tennis Club Search Committee, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why B&T and the greater Palm Beach County area will likely be a “fit” to you, your family and the Club if selected. 
Expressions of interest in this manner should be conveyed to our Firm no later than January 20th.  Interviews occur in February with the successful candidate likely in place in Spring 2018.
IMPORTANT:  Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
“Last Name, First Name - Resume” &
“Last Name, First Name - Cover Letter”
(These documents should be in Word or PDF format)
Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.
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Kurt Kuebler, CCM
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