Vero Beach Country Club General Manager
Vero Beach Country Club
Vero Beach, FL

The General Manager role at Vero Beach Country Club is a great opportunity for someone who desires to lead a club in one of the best communities in Florida, and a club with a great history focused around golf, but with an eye to the future as the Club continues to “evolve” to a broader country club focus in a strategic manner.  Unlike many clubs in Florida, VBCC has a greater percentage of local members (as opposed to snowbirds), who appreciate the low key, unpretentious nature of the Club and want to see that continue.  Critical to the success of the new GM, who will be following a well-regarded GM who is stepping down to become an attorney, is the intuitive style of “hands on and highly interactive with members and staff,” combined with a natural desire to be involved in membership recruitment and retention; the lifeblood of the club.
Consistently noted as one of the best small beach towns in America, Vero Beach is known for its quality of life, unique even to Florida, and Indian River County is where lifestyle and work style unite to create a highly productive and recreational environment.  The amenities the area has to offer include pristine beaches, Indian River Lagoon, ocean access and beautiful golf courses.  Residents enjoy these year round in a relaxed hometown atmosphere.
Typically, one can expect a 20-minute commute or less to work.  Shopping, cultural and recreational activities are only minutes away from anywhere in the county.

The Mission Statement of VBCC has withstood the test of time and has helped push the club toward the future:
“Vero Beach Country Club, established in 1924, is to provide its members and their guests with outstanding facilities and services that provide distinctive participation in private golf and dining activities, with an enhanced social environment for establishing and cultivating friendships.  In so doing, the Club and members work to expand their environmentally “Green” leadership and citizenship in Indian River County, while consistently operating in a positive financial position.”
The Club boasts an Audubon Sanctuary Golf Course, and is set in an “Olde Florida” environment with a large number of aged oak trees and a manicured course with natural elements.  Over the years, historic Vero Beach Country Club has evolved into more than just golf with a club that is locally competitive with social offerings for both full-time and seasonal residents, and a good F & B program.  The Club culture is socially inclusive.  Regular activities such as Friday Night Music in the Pub and Holiday Dinner Dances enhance the camaraderie that is developed in open format golf games. The Club is centrally located in Vero so it is easily accessible for all members including those residing on the barrier island, and is in the process of expanding its clubhouse and is considering other amenity additions in the coming years.  In the past few years, facilities have been progressively improved and expanded for golf play and practice, dining, bridge playing, multiple social activities, and parking. 
Offering 18-holes of golf, a practice facility, a very active social calendar and numerous dining options, the Club is considered a great value in a saturated market of great clubs.  VBCC members and management are forward thinkers and have implemented a five-year strategic plan to attract new members and to continue to increase current members’ satisfaction, which is at a good level at present.
As part of a recent Strategic Plan initiative, Club leaders determined the following objectives for the near future:
  • Distinctive Private Recreational Facilities & Grounds
  • Enhanced Social Programs & Corresponding Facilities
  • Treasure Coast Environmental & Cost Leadership
  • Conservative, Prudent, Positive Financial Position 
The Club enjoys great tenure with much of its staff, with the average tenure of senior managers being approximately 13 years.  There is a strong “family-like” relationship amongst members and staff, with a good appreciation of and respect both ways, and with what has been described as simply “a fun place to be with friends.”  The membership is made up of many long time Vero Beach families, as well as large groups of members from Kentucky, the Chicago and upper Midwest, Canada (Toronto area). The average age of new members is 58 years, and the overall average age of members is 70 years.
  • At present, there are approximately 460 members in all categories
  • $11,500 Initiation fee for full membership
  • $8,000 Annual dues for full member
  • $5.7M Gross revenues from all sources
  • $2.8M Dues volume
  • $1.5M F & B volume
  • 70 Employees (FTE) in-season; 65 (FTE) off-season
  • Average age of members is 70
  • The Club is organized as a 501c7, not for profit organization
  • There is a strong focus on golf course maintenance and conditioning with a $1.3M budget for this area
  • The Club owns the Golf Shop concession and generates approximately $1,150,000 from all golf revenue sources 
The General Manager has responsibility for all day-to-day operations of Vero Beach Country Club.  S/he directs and administers all aspects of the operations to include amenities, staff, and all programs and activities to ensure outstanding service and member and guest satisfaction.  While all typical competencies are important, our need is for a General Manager who enjoys being actively engaged, proactive in new trends and innovations, wants to be part of a relationship based, smaller club environment in a great community, and who has a passion for the industry.
To achieve these goals and objectives, it is expected that the new GM must:
  • A thought partner for the Board, recognizing the importance of keeping VBCC focused on the importance of golf club excellence by having a keen understanding of current and future trends, demographics, legislative, economic, and social issues.  S/he should be decisive and set aggressive goals and objectives to ensure the Club’s current and future success.  At the same time, evolving (not revolutionizing!) the Club toward a more full service operation with expanded and/or varying social and intellectual programming and activities is increasingly important and desired. 
  • Have sound financial management skills including the ability to oversee the preparation and management of annual operating and multi-year capital budgets supporting the strategic and tactical initiatives and expectations that s/he has established with the Board.
  • Be ultimately responsible to ensure that appropriate safeguards and controls are in place for all VBCC’s primary assets (membership, staff, amenities, etc.), whether it is for physical safety purposes or for the protection and long-term financial success of the Club.
  • Lead VBCC’s membership recruitment and retention efforts.  It is very critical that s/he understands the local market and economy, and where appropriate, become personally involved in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and similar groups that expand relationships and potential source connections to future members.  The candidate has to be comfortable and competent being an integral and proactive part of developing relationships that lead to membership interest and/or business opportunities and is effective in orienting new members so that their initial experience with VBCC results in constant use of the Club.
  • Be a catalyst for identifying new programs/services and enhancing current ones for members and their guests to increase club usage, member satisfaction, and member retention.
  • “Partner” with the Board, the GM must lead the continual focus on the Club’s strategic plan/business road map for the current and future success of the Club. 
  • Be able to identify issues, needs, goals, and objectives to help ensure the perpetuation and continued viability of the Club, and present the Board with reasonable options to consider for addressing such issues.
  • Ensure that member satisfaction is always the first priority. Provide sincere and visibly engaged leadership and interaction with all facets of the membership and their guests, as well as the team, many of whom have been with VBCC for years.  Be a consistent and positive force behind the creation and continuous enhancement of all aspects of VBCC.  Must be visible and available to his/her membership, including appropriate nights, weekends, holidays and other times when members are actively using their club.
  • Recognize that the Member Experience and meeting the expectations of a majority VBCC members is of critical importance to his/her long-term success.
  • Be an active participant at Board and Club Committee meetings to set policies and strategies to achieve the Club’s goals and objectives.
  • Recognize, respect, and support the contributions of key managers and staff.  Ensure that appropriately skilled and competent departmental managers are in place for all key positions and that each of them does the same in their respective areas of responsibility.  Set standards of performance for all departments, and hold them accountable for maintaining these standards within VBCC, most especially in member service areas.
  • Maintain an environment and overall atmosphere for management/staff that promotes and values appropriate and responsible contributions to the VBCC’s success.  Ensure that all staff are focused on positive, supportive relationships amongst themselves and with the membership; friendly and engaging, but not overly and/or inappropriately familiar.  
  • Be a primary two-way conduit for information exchange, and must be consistent, positive, and able to engage in this process.  S/he must be a true listener who places great importance on personal interactions with all constituencies of VBCC.
  • Have experience in developing communication platforms using contemporary media (website, apps, social media, etc.) is desirable.
  • Be the primary verbal and written communicator of important information to members and staff, and recognizes that the ability to convey information in an articulate, well-conceived and well-written manner is of utmost importance.
  • Believe in the power of proactive communication (i.e. orienting and culture setting) of members, staff, and guests to ensure the core values of the Club are being recognized and achieved. 
  • Assure excellent food and beverage production and service for all outlets.
  • Consistently provide superb dining and other food and beverage experiences for the Club members and guests.
  • Develop and enhance consistent training programs for all food service personnel, working as necessary with the managers directly responsible for those operations; has a passion and aptitude for teaching and training.
  • Establish and consistently enhances quantity and quality operating standards for personnel in areas of responsibility, and consistently evaluates their knowledge, understanding, and execution to these standards.
  • Clearly understand the financial metrics for successful attainment of goals and objectives in F&B operations, and consistently reviews these expectations with his or her direct reports to ensure understanding and ‘buy-in’ from those contributing to their attainment. 
  • Effective financial management skills through oversight of annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Sincere and consistent member and staff engagement as the face of the club.
  • Attentiveness to member services, programming and satisfaction.
  • Process driven leadership; setting standards of performance and execution and ensuring that they are consistently maintained is critical.
  • Strong staff leadership, volunteer “partnering” and strategic planning experience.
  • Ensure a strong team through good hiring, training, communication, and developing a culture of teamwork.
  • Understands the Club's marketplace, location and culture and works to position the Club within the community as a desirable and admired Club.
  • Being “present” and recognizing that a “hands-on” style vs. an administrative one is most appropriate on occasion. 
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of progressive leadership/management experience in an active, family-oriented, private, member-owned club environment is preferred.  Non-current GMs will be considered, but only with verification of work experiences with a quality club and mentor.  Non-club industry candidates must be able to portray their knowledge and strengths in working with well-intended and active volunteers in Board and Committee roles in a non-profit dynamic.
  • Strong general management skills with verifiable strengths in team development, financial performance, recreational amenity management, quality food & beverage programming, exceptional member/guest service programming, strategic planning, renovations and project management, and the ability to consistently define and achieve goals and objectives.
  • Proven and verifiable leadership qualities with demonstrated ability to direct, coordinate, and control all facets of a busy, full service country club with 60 - 70 full time staff members and a $5.0+ Million operating/capital budget.
  • A network of professionals in a wide range of functional skills and disciplines within the hospitality industry that might benefit VBCC.
  • A verifiable history of achieving strong and positive net membership growth in changing demographics, and ensuring strong membership satisfaction levels.


  • A Team Builder. A person who embodies the persona of ultimate coach and motivator, bringing out the best in others by setting clear goals and expectations, providing consistent feedback and support, and treating others with respect and professionalism.
  • A confident, diplomatic, respectful and competent professional who is a doer and take-charge person and who recognizes the importance of accountability. A creative problem solver who commands respect through professional interactions and integrity.
  • Passion for the role, with a positive, thoughtful demeanor conducive to a fun, personalized member and staff centric environment.
  • A strong “bottoms up” leader who recognizes and has verifiable demonstrations of his/her development of the team, encourager of personal growth to personal and professional benefit of VBCC.
  • A person who has the ability to say “no” when appropriate, without alienating members or staff when doing so.
  • Possessive of strong organizational skills and an obsession with details necessary to achieve high levels of quality, satisfaction, and outstanding member experiences.
  • A charismatic individual with a sense of humor and style that is commensurate with the culture and expectations of a friendly, fun, and supportive membership and team of associates.
  • Someone who instinctively enjoys leading and working in a “friendly, not fancy” club environment; VBCC is the antithesis of a traditional, stodgy or stuffy club and is not looking to change that comfortable, camaraderie-based style it is known for. 
  • A minimum of two years of college with a focus on Hospitality Management is desirable.
  • In lieu of a degree, substantial private club or hospitality industry experience will be considered.
  • From the club industry, Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation is necessary with further certifications being of interest as a commitment to on-going and lifelong learning and networking. 
Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Club, along with the typical CMAA benefits, offers an excellent bonus and benefit package.
Please upload your resume and cover letter (in that order) using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 
Preparing a thoughtful letter of interest and alignment with the above noted expectations and requirements is necessary.  Your letter should be addressed to the VBCC Search Committee, and clearly articulate why you want to be considered for this position at this stage of your career and why VBCC and the Vero Beach area will be beneficial to both you and the Club if selected.
Expressions of interest in this role must be presented no later than June 23rd.  Interviews will occur in July with an expectation that the new General Manager is on board on or about Labor Day.
IMPORTANT:  Save your resume and letter in the following manner:
“Last Name, First Name Resume” &
“Last Name, First Name Cover Letter”
(These documents should be in Word or PDF format)
Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.
For directions on how to upload your resume and cover letter visit this page
If you have any questions please email Nan Fisher or Patty Sprankle: or
Lead Search Executive:
Kurt D. Kuebler, CCM
561-747-5213 – Jupiter, FL OFFICE